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Shipping to Hong Kong

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When the time comes to ship a parcel to HK island, ParcelHero is your best choice; there are many couriers out there, but ParcelHero couples excellent service with the best price. Our delivery booking system is easy to use and enables you to make a booking quickly without worrying that you have missed some important detail.

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What's on this page?

Hong Kong is a unique shipping destination. The main feature that sets this port city apart from the rest of the world is the island's status as an open port. This means that there are no duties or taxes that need to be paid on goods arriving to HK. The island's relaxed customs law helps it maintain a position as the 11th largest trading body in the world, it also contains the world's largest cargo airport and second largest cargo port. HK's geographical location also helps to make it the world's largest re-distribution center.

With ParcelHero, every part of our delivery booking process has simple instructions which enable you to send your parcel confident that you have all the information that you need for it to arrive at its destination in an excellent condition.

Whether you are shipping from mainland China to Causeway Bay, or London to Nylonkong (The financial district is named by combining the names of New York, London and Hong Kong); ParcelHero gives you the choice of Express, Economy or Super Economy shipping. No matter what your time frame is, we have the cheapest courier service for you and your shipment.

Cost of delivery services to Hong Kong

What are the Customs Charges in Hong Kong?

As Hong Kong is an open port there are no customs charges, duties or taxes. There is also no need for gift exemptions as there are no duties or taxes to pay on any shipment. As HK is an open port, very few items are prohibited. Most goods can be imported as long as you have a permit. Any further information on imports and customs can be found on their official website.

Although there are no transit costs in this open port, should you incorrectly fill out your declaration or any discrepancies are found, you may need to pay a fee to release your goods. At ParcelHero, we do everything in our power to make sure that never happens. If your goods are held at the island port authority, then you must pay any fees directly to the authority, ParcelHero cannot process any payments for a customs authority.

Traditionally, preparing your UK shipment for crossing a border meant painstakingly working your way through the relevant forms and duplicating your information. When booking through ParcelHero, the forms are automatically generated based on information you give us once. If you want to contact us with any questions from checking the format of your destination's postal address through to tracking queries, contact our friendly team at any time.

What Can I Send to Hong Kong?

As long as you have the correct permit for sending your item via international courier, the HK authorities do not prohibit any goods. This means that once you entered your item's weight, length, height and girth, booked your delivery and have printed out the forms that we give you; simply wait for the courier to collect from your UK address and leave the rest to us. As with any package that you send with ParcelHero, you will need to abide by our prohibited items list. These are items that may be legal at the destination address that you are shipping to, but are not able to transported via courier either in the UK or internationally.

Note that if your item exceeds the weight limit that we have in place, you will incur extra costs. Please read our guide on sending large and heavy packages to insure that you do not have to pay any excess fees.

What Items Are Prohibited From Courier Delivery?

  • Aerosols
  • Aftershave/perfumes
  • Furs
  • Live animals
  • Pornographic Materials
  • Nail Varnish

Read our full list of prohibited items to make sure that there are no restrictions on sending your package to this island port. Other items that are prohibited include packages that exceed our length, width and weight limits. To make sure that your box meets our limit restrictions read our parcel measurement, size, weight and service restrictions guide.

What Goods are Restricted from Importing Into Hong Kong?

  • Food
  • Motor vehicles
  • Radio Transmitting Equipment
  • Rough Diamonds
  • Sand
  • Firearms

While you can ship almost anything into Hong Kong, many items are restricted for import and require you to acquire permits before you ship your package. For a full list of restricted items head to the customs authority website.

How do Postcodes Work in Hong Kong?

Unlike neighbouring country China (Hong Kong is an autonomous administration of PR China), there are no postcodes in Hong Kong, instead the distract or town is used to identify the specific destination address. This fact means that it is important to accurately list the street address on your parcel before you pay for international postage from the UK. If we try to post an international parcel and the delivery fails, we will make a total of 3 postage attempts. After that, the sender will have their parcel returned and the cost will have to be paid by them. Keep this in mind as you send your parcel to the island of HK.

For further information on sending a cheap parcel to HK, including how to correctly format the postal address, please read the official government guidelines, these can be found on their postage facts page.

Does it Cost the Same to Send parcels to Every Address in Hong Kong?

Hong Kong is unique in that the whole island is contained in a relatively small area. The size of the island not only accounts for the lack of postcodes, it also accounts for the fact that postage prices are roughly the same throughout the island. For many nations, international postal deliveries can include costs on top of the original order price. Happily, HK has no remote delivery charges or excessive customs duties unlike China, which has vast areas which are considered as remote.

How Fast does ParcelHero Deliver to Hong Kong?

We offer a range of different delivery speeds, meaning that you can choose from an express delivery which will take a matter of days, or a more leisurely economy rate delivery, which will take longer but will cost you less. Choosing to ship using our Express service will take 2-3 days for your goods to reach their international destination, our Economy price delivery will take 3-4 days to arrive, and our Super Economy rate will take over 4 days to be delivered to the island.

Unlike sending anything with the Post Office, we give you all the options you could want from the comfort of your own home, no queuing, worrying about time or having to buy stamps.

No matter whether you are shipping internationally or domestically, you have the power to choose which courier service will best suit your needs. We work with the most prestigious couriers in the world, with the likes of DHL and UPS at your fingertips, your goods will be in safe hands.

Whatever courier service you decide to use with ParcelHero,we give you the ability to track your package every step of the way. Our tracking service allows you to see exactly where your parcel delivery is in the world. All you need to do is copy and paste the unique tracking code that we gice you once you have accepted your delivery quote, and booked your delivery.

Our friendly customer service team is always on hand should you want to ask any questions regarding your shipment. From delays to tracking, we are here to help on every step of your parcel's journey.