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Cost of delivery services to Hungary

Booking a delivery to Hungary

Sending parcels to Hungary has never been simpler. ParcelHero makes it easy and cheap to send your parcel to Budapest, Debrecen and everywhere inbetween. To get a quote in seconds, simply enter your parcel’s measurements into the booking tool at the top of this page.

Choose from a wide selection of international courier services from the world’s most respected carriers. Whatever your needs for shipping to Hungary, our delivery options will meet your requirements. As well as collecting from your door, you can choose to save even more time by dropping your parcel off at a local shop.


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How to make sure your parcel passes through Hungarian customs

When you send a parcel to Hungary from the UK or another EU member state there are no customs charges as they share EU shipping regulations.

If you are sending goods to Hungary from outside the EU, you will have to pay customs duty / tax if the value of the parcel is above 45 Euros.

Be sure to correctly list every item you send and declare the full value of the goods when prompted.

What can I send to Hungary?

The Hungarian customs authority does not allow certain items to pass its borders. A selection of the items that they do not allow into the country under any circumstance are:

  • Non-perishable food
  • Precious stones
  • Vegetable seeds

Items that are restricted from being shipped into Hungary include:

  • Anything resembling any explosive device
  • Lottery tickets
  • Money

You can learn more on the official Hungarian customs site. We also have a list of prohibited items that we will not ship, please read before you create a shipment with ParcelHero.

Doing business in Hungary

The UK is already the 5th largest investor in Hungarian business. Outside investment is viewed kindly in Hungary. Some of the pros to doing business in Hungary include:

  • The location of the country in the heart of Europe
  • Great investment incentives
  • A solid infrastructure

Though language can be a barrier to doing business with Hungary, many Hungarians speak English as a second language.

To learn more about the opportunities of doing business in Hungary and to find advice on the next steps; visit the UK government's dedicated page.

Transit information

Transit times to Hungary are normally 1-4 days depending on the service you choose. If your parcel is subject to customs clearance, this can cause a slight delay, particularly if not enough information is provided on the customs forms, so please ensure you fill out all forms carefully when booking.

In Hungary there may be some areas that are classed as remote areas. These will be locations that are hard to reach due to poor road infrastructures and therefore take the carrier a little longer to reach. Remote areas have a surcharge applied to cover the extra fuel and time they take to get to. At ParcelHero we include these in the first quote you receive so you don’t need to worry about costs rising. The price you see is the price you pay.

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