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Import shipping to the UK from 220 Countries Worldwide

ParcelHero® offers collection services from over 220 countries worldwide, through the world's biggest couriers, at savings of up to 60% against going direct.

From fast express delivery to expedited air freight shipping, ParcelHero® offers a comprehensive range of courier import services to suit every budget.

So whether you're importing from China or shipping from the USA to the UK, ParcelHero® makes importing into the UK quick and hassle-free.

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Our import services

ParcelHero® offers a range of import services from outside the UK to suit every budget including economy air cargo. We offer great value for money, with most of our prices even cheaper than postage delivery for shipments weighing more than 2 kg.

Economy Import

2 – 7 Day Delivery
From £2.94

Express import

1 – 5 Day delivery
From £7.94

Timed Delivery

Guaranteed Pre 9AM, 10:30 AM & 12PM delivery across the UK

How importing works

Don't worry if you haven't imported goods into the UK before as ParcelHero® will manage most of the logistics for you.

Importing parcels into the UK is much the same as exporting goods from the UK, except you'll need to provide an email address for the shipper so we can send them the shipping labels.

If your goods are being shipped from the US, China or another non-EU country, then they will need to clear customs when they arrive in the UK. Depending on the value of your goods, your shipment may incur import duty and tax which is payable prior to delivery.

Courier Collection Services

ParcelHero® can collect same day from most countries, including collections from the China and the USA to the UK.

When you get a courier quote online, and you can request a preferred collection time slot, alternatively, we also offer a range of drop off locations from many countries.

We require 24 hours' notice for collections of large parcels over 50 kg in weight, and you may have to provide the courier with assistance with loading and unloading.

Package Delivery in the UK

Deliveries are made between 9am and 7pm on weekdays only. We also provide AM timed delivery options for urgent imports, and these services come with a full money-back guarantee.

We make 3 delivery attempts for all import services to the UK. We also offer a range of pick-up options, if you would prefer to collect your items from a local retailer.

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Courier Collection Services

Once you've booked your collection online, we email the shipper with all the required documents and let them know when the courier will be collecting. The shipper will need to print the labels prior to collection.

Customs and Import Duty

If you're collecting from the EU and importing goods into the UK, your shipment will not be subject to import duty or tax, so if your shipping from Germany, or need a collection in France, you don't need to provide any additional paperwork.

If you're shipping from a country outside the EU to the UK, then you will need to provide customs paperwork, which ParcelHero® will help you produce, and your shipment may be subject to import duty and tax.

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Importing from outside the EU

No matter whether you're from Australia, or shipping from the US to the UK or from any other country for that matter, there are a few basic things that you need to understand first:

1. The rate of import duty depends on the product you're shipping, and its value.
2. Gifts declared with a value of less than £36 are not subject to import duty or VAT.
3. Other shipments imported into the UK with a value below £15 are not subject to import duty or tax.
4. The UK VAT rate is 20%. Duty rates vary by product, you can calculate the rate of UK import duty using this tool or by calling the customs helpline on 0300 200 3700.
5. Some goods maybe eligible for duty relief.
6. If you're importing goods temporarily into the UK, you can apply for inward processing relief (IPR) and suspend any duty or tax that ordinarily would be payable.

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Importing commercial goods into the UK

If you're a business, and you want to know how to import goods from China, or you're importing commercial goods into the UK from any country outside the EU, there are a number of factors to consider:

1. Research the correct harmonisation code for each product you're importing.
2. Establish how much import duty and VAT you will have to pay for the products.
3. Investigate whether any important licences are required and whether any special regulations apply to the products you're importing.

You will first need to determine the harmonisation code (also known as a tariff code) for each of the products you're importing. You can do this by calling the HMRC customs helpline, or using this tariff calculator.

Once you have classified your products, you will also be able to check the rates of import duty and any restrictions using the same tool.


Is VAT charged on imports?

Yes, most imports will be subject to VAT at the UK standard rate (currently 20%), however some products such as books and food maybe charged at a lower rate of VAT.

How much import duty and import tax will I have to pay when importing from the USA to the UK?

For most products you will have to pay 20% VAT in addition to import duty.
The rate of duty will vary depending on the product you're importing. You first need to check the harmonisation code for each product you're importing, then use HMRC's Tariff Checker to determine the rate of duty.

Will I have to pay anything if I am sending a gift to the UK?

If you're sending gifts, personal effects or any items valued under £15, you will not be subject to duty or VAT when importing to the UK.

Do I require an import licence?

Only some products require an import licence. Use HMRC's Tariff Checker to see whether it applies to the goods you're shipping.

Is import duty and VAT only charged on the cost of the goods?

No. The import charges are applied to both the cost of the goods and the cost of shipping, as well as the insurance cost.

How can I work out the cost of UK import duty and tax when importing from China?

Whether you're importing from China or any other country, the import charges in the UK remain the same. You can calculate the import charges once you have determined the rate of duty for each of your products. Here's an example for you to follow:

1. Customs value:
a. Consignment value £1,000
b. Shipping costs £200
c. Insurance costs £100
d. Total customs value £1,300

2. Import duty & VAT (Based on £1,300 value):
a. VAT 20% = £260
b. Duty 5% (Example) = £65
c. Total customs charge = £325

What's the shipping costs from the USA to the UK?

We offer extremely competitive express and economy rates for shipping from America to the UK. Additionally, for large shipments, we can also offer even cheaper shipping from the USA via our air freight service. Cargo shipments must exceed 500 kg and you can obtain bespoke pricing by contacting us, otherwise the prices shown on our website show the applicable costs. ParcelHero® is a freight forwarder, so whether you need to import from Australia, India, the US, China or any other country, we offer excellent value providing high quality services at the right price.