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Cost of delivery services to Iran

Shipping services offered to Iran

When it comes to shipping to Iran, ParcelHero offers more options than most. Compare express and economy delivery options at a click and save money sending with reliable couriers.

Our express delivery to Iran takes just three days and costs less than booking direct. Our clever booking process will help you produce all the customs paperwork you need, and we'll even give you £50 free enhanced cover with your order*.

*excluding Hermes deliveries


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How to pass Iranian customs

Shipping or importing anything to Iran should be done with the utmost care. Iranian customs are extremely strict and many goods cannot pass their borders, including:

  • Any type of writings against the official religion of the country or against the discipline and public purity and national dignity
  • Gambling tools
  • Magazines, books, photos, films, and those goods which are against the religious and national dignity of the country
  • The good news is that as long as the contents of your parcel are not prohibited and are worth less than $50, you will not have to pay any duties or fees to the Iranian customs authority.

    See the official Iranian customs site for more information

    Please also check ParcelHero's prohibited items list to ensure that everything you plan to send can be carried by our couriers both in the UK and internationally.

    How to address a parcel to Iran?

    When possible, it is always advisable to address your parcel in Arabic as the local systems and employees are more likely to recognise the address. A typical Iranian address format is as follows:

    • John Smith [Recipient]
    • Tehran, Tehranpars [locality, sub-locality]
    • East 76 Street [street]
    • No. 55, third floor [Premise, floor]
    • Tehran Province [Province]
    • 1619613471 [Postcode] (postcode will just be made of numbers)
    • Iran [Country] (choose from the dropdown menu when you enter your parcel details)

    Doing business with Iran

    As Iran has only had global sanctions lifted very recently, the relationship between the UK and Iran faces an uncertain future. Even so, the UK government supports trade and business with the country.

    Some key areas that present opportunities for UK business include:

    • The healthcare industry
    • The retail sector
    • The public and private aviation industries

    For more information on doing business with Iran, check out the UK government's advice on the subject.

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