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Cost of delivery services to Israel

Cheap parcel courier services to Israel

Enjoy great prices and a choice of reliable shipping services when you send to Israel with ParcelHero. It only takes a few seconds to get a quote, then you can pick from express and economy delivery options with some of the world's biggest courier services.

It couldn't be easier to send a parcel to Israel with ParcelHero - whether you're sending something big or small, we help you with every step of the process, including your customs paperwork. All you have to do is print off your labels and wait for our driver to collect.


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How to pass Israeli customs

Israel is not part of the EU so all parcels will need to go through customs clearance processes when arriving into the country. In order to clear customs, all parcels must be shipped with a customs invoice, and ParcelHero will help you generate this invoice when you book your parcel online.

All documents in envelopes are exempt from customs clearance processes and can be sent without a customs invoice.

Import duties and taxes will be applied to your goods when they arrive at the Israeli border, and these charges will be applied directly by the customs authority, not by ParcelHero. The amount of duties and taxes will generally depend on the type of goods you are sending, the value of your goods, and the reason for export.If the items you are sending are worth less than US$75 there will be no extra fees to pay. If you are sending to a business this limit is reduced to US&dollar50;.

Israel prohibits the import of a wide selection of goods across it's borders including

Doing business in Israel

Israel is a popular choice for UK businesses with many household names having hubs set up in there. Considering other nations in the region, Israel is a highly modernised nation, ideally situated to enter other key markets with a strong and stable government.

Some of the major advantages to doing business in Israel include:

  • English is the accepted business language
  • UK business practice is well understood
  • Free trade agreement is in place
  • Two hour time difference
  • Fast growing economy
  • Many of the most influential companies in the world have centres in the country

The UK government does not see any major risk in doing business in Israel.

To learn more about the opportunities to doing business in Israel and guidance on next steps, visit the official UK government’s website on exporting to Israel or try our partner Exporting is Great.

How to address your parcel to Israel

Israel has a address format that will look familiar as it follows a similar patter to UK addresses. Your parcel’s destination address should look similar to the following example:

  • John Smith [Name]
  • 14 Sheckle St [Street name and number]
  • Tel Aviv [city/state]
  • 54321 [postcode]

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