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The best Italy parcel delivery services

Parcel to Italy

Express and Economy Courier Services to Italy from only £18.16

£50 free cover as standard* *excluding Hermes deliveries

Collection or drop-off at a local shop anytime

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Send bulky or heavy items weighing up to 1,000kg

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Cost of delivery services to Italy

Affordably excellent delivery to Italy

ParcelHero’s price comparison tool saves you money on sending to Italy, whether you're looking for next day delvery or economy freight shipping. We work with the best couriers in the world to make sure that getting a package to or from Italy is both cheap and simple.


Next day delivery to destinations throughout Italy


Collect from anywhere in Italy for parcel delivery to the UK

Italian Customs regulations

Shipping within the EU

There is no customs clearance or charges and you don’t need to produce any additional paperwork.

Shipping to Italy from outside the EU

You’ll only have to pay customs charges on goods worth more than €150. These charges will be forwarded to your receiver, unless you pay them in advance. For more information, you can visit the Italian customs agency, Agenzie delle Dogane e die Monopoly.

If your delivery is from outside the EU and worth more than €150, you will be charged value added tax – known as IVA in Italy – of 22% on the value of your goods. Some goods, like books, are only charged 4% IVA, and some service industry goods are charged 10%. You will also have duties and fees applied to your shipment, which will be charged to the recipient.

Is there anything that I am not allowed to send to Italy?

Though ParcelHero makes it simple to ship goods to Italy, you can’t just ship whatever you like. There are rules about what you can ship with international parcel delivery, and they apply to our premier shipping partners too. You can find a full list of restricted goods on our Restricted and Prohibited Items page, where we explain what you can and can’t ship by courier.

Can I send my luggage to Rome ahead of me?

Yes. If you want to avoid excess baggage fees, ParcelHero works with couriers who can transport your luggage and personal effects from your front door to your hotel. However, you must package it properly – a suitcase on its own is likely to get damaged in transit.

Can I send food to Venice or other Italian cities?

Yes. Food is a popular shipment and ParcelHero are experts in shipping food across the globe, but there are some rules to be aware of. You can’t send any food considered perishable, and any food you send must be in the original packaging – so mamma’s homemade pasta sauce must unfortunately remain an Italian secret.

Can I send antiques from Italy to the UK?

Unfortunately, we do not always ship antiques. Antiques of any real age are generally considered goods of exceptional value, which require specialist couriers. Get in touch with our customer service team, who may be able to advice you on whether or not your antique is fit for carriage.

Are there export opportunities in Italy?

Trade between Italy and the UK has been growing year on year, with increases of more than 5% in recent years. Exports from the UK to Italy have been growing apace, making up almost £9 billion in value annually, and putting Italy firmly in the top 10 export destinations for UK goods.

The most popular exports from the UK include:

  • crude petroleum
  • basic chemicals, fertilisers and nitrogen compounds, plastics and synthetic rubber
  • motor vehicles
  • pharmaceutical products and preparations
  • natural gas

The average household wage in Italy is only around £22,000 a year, but it is also one of Europe’s premier luxury goods manufacturers. This means that there is little home market for luxury items, but there other niches that have yet to be fully explored. To find export opportunities, you can visit ParcelHero’s Government partner, Exporting is Great, who have a unique opportunity listing tool. One such interesting opportunity is in books and periodicals, which have a lower rate of tax – just 4% - than other goods, which are taxed at around 22%.

It is recommended that you build your UK business through a local intermediary. Although the Italian legal system and administration is similar to that of the UK’s, there are some changes that could catch you out. Working with a local professional is the best practice, as this also means that you will be kept abreast of any developments, and that you keep up with your corporation tax.

In order to get the best rates and service when shipping to Italy, you can open a business account with ParcelHero.

How to address your parcel to Italy

When you’re sending a parcel to Italy, addressing it is simple. An Italian address is made up of:

  • Sig John Smith [The recipient]
  • Via del Corso 305 [The street, followed by the house number]
  • 00186 Roma RM [The postal code, city and then province]
  • ITALY [the name of the country]

In Italy they speak both English and Italian, and you can address your parcel in either language – just pick one and stick with it. Italy uses a postcode format that is known as Codice di Avviamento Postale, or CAP. These codes are generally five digits long, and relate to a specific town or village. Large cities like Rome have a multi-CAP system, but these are rare.

If you’re shipping the other way, or are receiving a shipment from Italy, you ought to know that “Regno Unito” means United Kingdom in Italian.

Gifts and Parcels to Italy on National Holidays

Everyone needs a holiday, and your couriers are no different. That’s why we only deliver on normal working days, between 9am and 6pm. Weekends and bank holidays are days on which we don’t deliver, so keep that in mind when you are booking your delivery – especially if it is full of presents for Christmas or Easter.

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