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Cost of delivery services to Kenya

Cheapest parcel delivery to Kenya

At ParcelHero we have carefully selected the world’s best carriers that are known the world over for their commitment to quality and service. We offer both express and economy services to Kenya which are all fully tracked so you always know exactly where your parcel is. Once the item has been delivered and signed for we will send you an email to let you know.

Transit times to major towns and cities such as Nairobi and Mombasa are estimated between 2-3 days pending customs clearance. Remote areas can take a little longer and will incur a small surcharge. This is included in the price presented so you might notice a slightly higher price for a remote are compared with a major town or city.

There are many ways to package a parcel, but when you send one overseas it is important to make sure the parcel is secure. A good strong box and proper cushioning to protect your item will ensure the recipient receives the goods in the same condition you sent them in. Avoid delays by ensuring all your documents are securely attached to the parcel and your box is securely sealed with a good quality parcel tape.


Cheaply and easily ship a parcel to Kenya


ParcelHero provides many options for sending parcels to the UK from Kenya

How to pass Kenyan customs

When you book a delivery through ParcelHero, we autofill the customs forms for you. This takes the stress of wondering if you are completing the complex forms correctly away from you. You must make sure you accurately fill out each of the boxes to ensure there are no delays with Kenyan customs clearing your parcel for entry. Kenya has a lengthy list of items that it prohibits from entering the country. This list includes:

  • Ivory
  • Maps
  • Matches
  • Hippopotamus Teeth
  • Historical artefacts
  • Pornographic Materials
  • Progeny eggs
  • Spent cartridges of nuclear reactors
  • Viagra

To learn more about what you can and can’t ship to Kenya, visit the official Kenyan customs site. Also see ParcelHero’s list of prohibited items.

Doing business in Kenya

Kenya’s economy is enjoying a steady growth due to great strides being taken to stabilise the country. The forecast for future growth in Kenya is excellent meaning the country is ripe for investment.

Some key areas where Kenya needs investment and outside industry are:

  • Energy – There have been recent discoveries of oil and other natural fuels.
  • Transport – Basic transport industry is in need of a revamp. From upgrading airports to building new ferries, there is much to be done.
  • Defence - There is in excess of £600m set aside to spent on building up Kenya’s military and defence infrastructure.
  • Education – Kenya’s education has grown well, but it needs to modernise.

Advantages to doing business in Kenya include:

  • English is the official language
  • Very good financial and legal infrastructure compered to much of Africa
  • Nairobi is a key hub for Eastern Africa
  • The private sector is thriving

Disadvantages to doing business in Kenya include:

  • Widespread counterfeiting
  • High taxes
  • Security threats are not uncommon
  • Very high levels of corruption

To learn more about doing business in Kenya and the next steps that can be made, visit the UK government's dedicated site.

Addressing your parcel to Kenya

Addresses in Kenya are unusual in that deliveries are made to the nearest PO Box as opposed to the personal address of your recipient. Your destination address should follow a similar format to the following example:

  • MR. John Harry Smith [Name]
  • PO BOX 6667 [PO Box number]
  • NAKURU [City/Town/Area]
  • 20100 [PostCode]

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