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Cheap and easy parcels to Kuwait

Parcel to Kuwait

Express and Economy Kuwait Parcel Delivery from only £26.23

£50 free protection as standard* *excluding Hermes deliveries

Collection or drop-off at a local shop anytime

Track your parcel from door-to-door

Send bulky or heavy items weighing up to 1,000kg

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Cost of delivery services to Kuwait

Cheapest parcel courier service to Kuwait

Parcel delivery to Kuwait is easy with ParcelHero, whether you need to send important business documents or something personal. Our simple to use website will show you the best delivery services on offer, as well as important information on transit times and additional benefits, such as £50.00 free loss / damage protection included in the price*.

There are a range of ParcelHero courier services to Kuwait, no matter what kind of delivery you are looking for and when you need your item delivered. We can handle the most time sensitive shipments; we can even collect your item on the same day if you book before 2pm. Thanks to the network of reliable and experienced carriers that we have developed, we can ensure safe and timely delivery of every parcel – and you can monitor it every step of the way with our door-to-door tracking. We will even send you an email when the item has been signed for.

The transit time to Kuwait is usually 3-5 days, depending on the service that you opt for and the location of the final delivery address. If you are sending an item to somewhere that is considered to be a remote area this may take slightly longer to reach than urban destinations. There is a small surcharge applied for remote areas that will be included in the overall shipping cost so there are no hidden expenses to deal with at the end.

*excluding Hermes deliveries


Multiple options for shipping your parcel to Kuwait


Send parcels from Kuwait to the UK

How to pass Kuwait customs authority

You must supply the documents that ParcelHero generates for you with your parcel in order to clear customs. Your parcel will be delayed if the appropriate customs invoices are not supplied, so make sure these are ready before your parcel is collected.

Only documents are exempt from duties and taxes when entering Kuwait, all other shipments will have these charges applied to them, calculated based on the estimated value of your goods. These rates are calculated and collected by the local customs authorities and therefore ParcelHero cannot include these charges in our prices, your receiver will be billed and we will not handle the money at any point.

As the country is not within the EU parcel delivery to Kuwait will require customs clearance. It is crucial that you don’t try to send any items that might be stopped by local customs because they are prohibited or restricted, so be sure to check this is not the case before booking your delivery. There are a number of items that are prohibited from crossing the border, this list includes:

  • Any media displaying the female anatomy
  • Compact discs
  • Entertainment films
  • Israeli goods
  • Items offensive to Muslim culture
  • Items offensive to Kuwait Royal family, Kuwait politics, habits or traditions
  • Pornography
  • Video cassettes
  • Laser discs

To learn more about shipping to Kuwait browse the Kuwaiti government site.ParcelHero has a list of goods that are also prohibited from shipping anywhere, make sure nothing you want to send is prohibited before you book.

Doing business in Kuwait

Kuwait accounts for 6% of the world's oil reserves making it an oil based economy. It is also the 5th richest country in the world and one of the UK's most important trading partners.

Advantages to doing business in Kuwait include:

  1. No taxation on personal income
  2. £71 billion investment for infrastructure
  3. English is accepted business language
  4. It is a free trade area
  5. Strong and stable government
  6. Their currency (dinar) is highest-valued in the world
  7. Relatively cheap business operation cost

Potential disadvantages to doing business in Kuwait include:

  1. Not an easy market to enter
  2. Extremely hot weather can slow down outside activities

If you would like to learn more about doing business in Kuwait, visit the UK government advice pages.

How to address your parcel to Kuwait

Kuwaiti addresses vary significantly from area to area. Trust the address your recipient gives you and follow any further instructions that they give. Your address should follow the example below:

  • John Smith [Recipient]
  • Oasis hall[Building name]
  • Block 6 [Location within area]
  • Street 13 [Number of street]
  • Al-Shaab [Area]
  • Kuwait City, Kuwait [City and country name]

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