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Cost of delivery services to Libya

Send a parcel to Libya with ParcelHero and save

If you’re looking for cheap parcel delivery to Libya that still meets all your needs, then look no further than ParcelHero. We’ve got all the best carriers at a fraction of the price it would cost you to book directly. With ParcelHero you get the full benefit of premium carriers, full support and low prices no matter how many parcels you need to send. All shipments are collected and delivered door to door with £50 free cover as standard* included in the price. We also include 3 free delivery attempts too.

*excluding Hermes deliveries


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Clearing customs in Libya

There are no duties or tax threshold on parcels entering Libya, so duties and taxes will be applied to your shipment upon arrival to Libya. These are calculated by the local authorities and therefore ParcelHero cannot include these in your shipping costs. However, the general rule of thumb is that, for most parcels, the rate of taxation will be 4% of the value of the goods. International shipments must be accompanied by a customs invoice, which ParcelHero will generate for you as part of the service. Envelopes containing documents do not have to go through customs clearance and therefore do not require a customs invoice.

Are there Libyan customs rules?

Libya has strict import rules and regulations, which can be difficult to get hold if you can’t read Arabic. Shippers should note that items currently prohibited from entry to Libya include collectable coins and stamps, cosmetics, jewellery and both audio and video tapes. For more information, have a look at the Libya customs authorities website. ParcelHero also has rules about Prohibited and Restricted items.

Can I send food to Libya?

No, Libya’s import rules specifically prohibit it. This includes perishable and non-perishable food goods – the latter of which ParcelHero normally carries.

Can I send freight to Libya?

Not only do we make it simple to send freight to Libya, but we offer savings of up to 60% on large and heavy parcels. Size is no object, as we can carry shipments that weight up to 1,000kg and are up to 270cm long.

Doing business in Libya

Libya is in the top 10 most difficult countries in which to do business according to the World Bank, ranking below countries like Syria and Iraq. It is unlikely that the rewards for doing business in the country will outweigh the risks. If you still with to do business in Libya and want to see exporting opportunities, see our government partner Exporting is Great.

How do I address a Parcel to Libya?

It can be difficult to find the right address in Libya, so do your best to address your parcel as fully as possible to make it simple for our partner couriers. A normal address in Libya includes:

  • Mr John Smith [Name]
  • Av. Al Ghazaly 12 [street address]
  • Tripoli [city]
  • LIBYA [Country]

There is no postal code system in Libya.

Public Holidays in Libya

If you are shipping a parcel to Libya that needs to arrive at a specific time or day, you should keep in mind that our delivery partners do not make deliveries on public holidays or weekends. Plan around these dates when making your booking.

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