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Cost of delivery services to Moldova

Cheap courier services to Moldova

For unbeatable parcel delivery to Moldova, choose ParcelHero as your courier service. Our customers keep coming back to us time after time because they know they can get the best parcel delivery at the lowest prices, and if they need help, our expert customer care team are easy to reach and resolve issues quickly and efficiently.

Transit times to Moldova are usually 2-4 days from the day of collection. If you book before 2pm, we can collect your parcel on the very same day. Collection dates and estimated transit times are always displayed with the prices, so you know exactly what you are buying.

Remote areas will incur a small surcharge and may have a slightly increased transit time, to cover the extra resources required to deliver to them. Remote area surcharges are always included in your original quote, so there’s no additional costs as you progress through your booking.


Use ParcelHero to send your parcels to Moldova no matter their measurements


Many options for sending parcels to the UK from Moldova

Passing Moldovan customs

When sending a parcel to Moldova, you must supply a customs invoice for customs clearance, as although the country is located within Europe, it is not currently a member of the European Union.

ParcelHero will automatically generate the customs invoice for you at the end of your booking so that you can print it off and securely attach it to your parcel in a Documents Enclosed pouch. Please pay careful attention to the instructions provided as some carriers will require multiple copies of the customs invoice in order to obtain customs clearance for your shipment.

Upon import, the local customs authorities may levy taxes and duties on the goods you send. If your parcel is valued under €300 you will not have to pay customs duties or taxes.

Moldova prohibits the entry of a selected list of items into the country, this list includes:

  • Film
  • Furs
  • Gold
  • Knives
  • Political materials
  • Precious metals

To find more about what you can and can’t send to Moldova read through the official Moldovan customs site, also read through ParcelHero’s list of prohibited items before booking your delivery.

Doing business in Moldova

Moldova is the poorest country in Europe and has a long way to eradicate poverty and corruption. Sunflower seeds, wiring and wine are amongst the country’s chief imports; this goes some way to show the level of trade that can be expected from Moldova.

Any Moldavan business opportunities can be found on the government's Exporting is Great site.

Addressing your parcel to Moldova

Addresses in Moldova follow a similar format, if any doubt when addressing your parcel, ask your recipient to tell you how to correctly address your parcel. Your parcel’s address should look similar to the following example:

  • Smith, John [Recipient, (Surname before first name)]
  • Street Codru, Number 6, Apartment 14 [Street name + building number + apartment number]
  • 8363 CHIŞINĂU [Postcode + Postal Town]

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