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Send parcels to Morocco with ease at the lowest cost

Parcel to Morocco

Express and Economy Moroccan Parcel Delivery from only £21.76

£50 free protection as standard* *excluding Hermes deliveries

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Send bulky or heavy items weighing up to 1,000kg

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Cost of delivery services to Morocco

Cheapest international courier service to Morocco

For the fastest and most efficient services to send a parcel to Morocco, you can’t beat ParcelHero. Whether you want to send a personal gift or work-related items, you can depend on ParcelHero to provide a fantastic service every time. Our website is easy to use and makes booking with us simple and fast – we will even auto-generate customs invoices for you and show you the best options for your budget.

ParcelHero offers a range of courier services to Morocco with options for both economy and express. We only use the most reliable and experienced carriers to ship our items

Average transit times to Morocco are 3-5 days, depending on the type of delivery that you choose and the precise area where you are sending your package. In some areas that are considered to be more remote than others, shipping can take a little longer and there may be a small surcharge applied if your delivery address falls within one of these remote areas. All this is covered in the initial quote so that you know where you are from the start. Urban areas such as Casablanca and Fez will have faster transit times.


Many options for sending a parcel from the UK to Morocco


Express and economy delivery from Morocco to the UK

How to pass Moroccan customs

As with any country, Morocco has its own restrictions on goods that can be imported. Be sure to check that the items you are trying to send don’t appear on the banned import list.

Morocco prohibits a selection of items from import including:

  • Communistic materials
  • Micro Film
  • X-rays
  • Toys
  • Blood

You will need to include a customs invoice when sending parcels to Morocco. This document is generated at the end of the ParcelHero booking process – all you have to do is print it off.

Morocco also charges duties and taxes on every shipment into the country unless the value of your parcel is under $30USD. Any duties or taxes will not be included in ParcelHero prices as they are collected and charged by the local government authorities, not by us.If you need more information about importing into Morocco, browse the official Moroccan customs site. Read through our own list of items that we prohibit from transport before you book a delivery.

Doing business in Morocco

Morocco is perfectly situated between Europe and Africa. With Africa forecasted to be the engine of future global growth, Morocco could be the perfect Africa base for UK interests. Morocco has much potential, and a few selected industries who are ripe for UK business and investment include financial services, renewable energy, safety, education and construction (particularly in transport).

Potential advantages to doing business in Morocco include:

  1. Strategic location between Africa and Europe
  2. Low cost flights from the UK
  3. Strong financial sector

Potential disadvantages to doing business with Morocco include:

  1. Corruption
  2. High unemployment
  3. High competition

To learn more about doing business in Morocco, browse the UK government’s official guide or see our partners Exporting is Great.

How to address a parcel to Morocco

Moroccan addresses vary depending on where your recipient is located. Always check with your recipient before adding the delivery address. A typical urban address will follow a similar format to the below address:

  • John Smith [Name]
  • 13 Avenie Hassan II [House number + Street]
  • 10000 Rabat [Postcode and locality]
  • Morocco

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