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Everything you need to know about shipping to New Zealand

Cheapest shipping to New Zealand

We offer different delivery services to ensure that you can have the service you need to get your parcel to its destination on time. Our express service can deliver your parcels in 2-6 days, our economy service delivers in 3-4 days and our super economy services take 4+ days to deliver.

Couriers designate certain areas of the world as remote areas, these areas are harder to reach for delivery than main cities and towns. As they take longer to reach couriers charge extra to cover the extra travel and time costs to deliver to these places. In New Zealand, both Northland and Wharehine are considered to be remote areas. If you book courier services to a remote area, the extra charges will be added to your basket before you check out.

New Zealand customs charges

Any item you send to New Zealand is subject to customs charges unless the value of the item is under NZ$400. Different types of products fall under different custom duty rates, check the New Zealand customs site for more information and specific rates.

Gifts are exempt from customs duty and taxes if the value of the gift falls under NZ$110. You may have to provide proof that the gift is genuine.

Prohibited imports

At ParcelHero, we have our own list of items that we prohibit from sending anywhere. Check that list before you book any delivery. New Zealand also have a list of prohibited items that cannot cross their borders under any circumstances. This list is long and includes brushes containing animal hair, laser pointers, money and objectionable materials. Read their full list of prohibited items before you book a delivery with ParcelHero.

Addressing your parcel to New Zealand

New Zealand is a little different from other countries when it comes to addressing parcels. The nation has many rural areas that require a different address format to ensure a successful parcel delivery. What follows is a typical urban address example:

James Brown [recipient]

Flat 2 [apartment number]

125 Queen Street [house number + street name]

Johnsonville [suburb (only in some addresses)]

Auckland [city]

0620 [postal code]


A rural address is likely to have other lines in it, this is relative to the specific address that your parcel will be delivered to. Check with the intended recipient before booking a delivery to ensure a successful delivery.

Shipping around national holidays

There are 11 days when ParcelHero will not collect or deliver parcels in New Zealand. At least 3 of these days may be unfamiliar and they are: Auckland Anniversary - 30th Jan, Waitangi Day - 6th Feb and ANZAC Day - 25th Apr. Be sure to check for holidays when booking a delivery, to make sure that your parcel won’t face any delays.

Doing business in New Zealand

Worldwide trading with New Zealand is encouraged by their government, so much so that there have been widespread free market reforms which make it much easier for international trade and investment to take place with foreign and NZ business. There are also solid ties with the UK as it is, meaning that UK business and investment is seen in a good light.

New Zealand ranks number 1 for ease of doing business out of 189 economies, it is also regarded highly as the perfect test market for high value products and services. The geographical location of New Zealand is excellent as it allows for easy access for the Pacific Island market and much of South East Asia. If a UK business is successful in the UK it is highly likely that the same business will be successful in New Zealand.

It is highly recommended to begin a start-up in New Zealand due to business-friendly taxation systems and business-positive legislation.

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