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Express and Economy Nigerian Parcel Delivery from only £28.13

Whether you are shipping to Lagos or Abuja, ParcelHero guarantees to give you the cheapest rates along with the best service. Not only is our parcel delivery booking system simple and easy to use, we also save you up to 60%.

Cost of delivery services to Nigeria

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What's the cheapest way to ship to Nigeria?

Choose an economy shipping service with ParcelHero and you could save significantly against booking direct.

We provide a selection of courier services to Nigeria, so you will always find an option that will suit your needs. Our express delivery will get your package to Nigeria between 2-4 days. Our economy delivery services will delivery your parcel in 3-4 days and our super economy service will deliver in 4+ days.

Nigeria has many locations which are considered remote areas, such as Batagawara and Edem, which may cost more than shipping to a major city.

Passing customs in Nigeria

Every international delivery arriving in Nigeria must pass the Nigerian customs authority. Depending on what items you send to Nigeria, the tax rate will fall between 0-35%. There are no duty-free allowances for shipping to Nigeria.

There is a flat rate of 5% VAT on all imports into Nigeria, this fee is calculated based on the cost of the delivery and the insurance it has. Every country has its own list of items that are not allowed to cross the border, often called a prohibited items list. Nigeria prohibits the import of then following items:

  • Spaghetti or any noodles
  • All types of Foot Wears, Bags and Suitcases
  • Ball Point Pens and parts
  • Airmail Photographic Printing Paper

Restricted items for import include (these items are allowed but must meet strict requirements):

  • Magazines
  • Business cards
  • Blank forms

For further information about what you can and cannot ship across the Nigerian border please visit the Nigerian customs authority site. ParcelHero also has a list of prohibited items that we will not ship. Check carefully before you send anything internationally to ensure that everything you are planning to send can be handled by your chosen courier.

Addressing your parcel to Nigeria

Nigerian address formats are straightforward. Below is a typical example of a Nigerian address:

John Smith [Recipient]

900 Herbert Macaulay Way [Building, Street address]

900001 [Postcode]

Abuja [Province]

Nigeria [Country]

The Nigerian Postal Service has created a 6 digit postcode. There are 9 postal regions of Nigeria that are symbolised by the first number of each postcode. The following digits specify more local regions.

Holidays in Nigeria

Nigeria is chiefly made up of Christian and Muslim populations, this means that national holidays can differ between provinces. To ensure your parcel arrives by a suitable date, research before you send your parcel.

Doing business in Nigeria

As Africa’s largest economy, Nigeria can be a tantalising prospect for UK businesses. Nigeria is expected to have the world’s 3rd largest population by 2050, making it a prime time to invest in local business. Nigeria and the UK share a similar language and time zone which makes communication relatively easy for international business.

The legal and business systems in Nigeria are similar to the UK system making business between the two nations relatively seamless. The middle class is growing and many of the younger members of the population are educated.

Even though there are great positives to doing business in Nigeria, some of the negatives include a poor infrastructure, wide-spread corruption and security issues. Agriculture and farming in general are huge industries in Nigeria, a wealth of natural resources and generally hospitable terrain and climate make farming technology a worthwhile investment in the country.

Oil and gas make up a large portion of Nigeria’s GDP, with abundant stocks of each resource, there is much potential; for business and investment in these industries. The property and hospitality industries are set to blossom in the coming years. As the country becomes safer, Lagos in particular is enjoying a boom in tourism. Investment in these industries is likely to return profits in the not too distant future.

To explore further opportunities with business and investing in Nigeria, visit the UK governments pages on doing business with Nigeria. ParcelHero can offer you a business account to assist businesses in doing trade with Nigeria. Learn how to create a ParcelHero Business Account and fill out the form and we will contact you to discuss further.

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