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Cost of delivery services to Norway

Delivery to Norway with the best in the world

ParcelHero works with the world’s leading courier services to offer the best prices for shipping to Norway. Whether you posting a gift or exporting for your small business, ParcelHero makes sending a parcel cheap and simple.

When you ship with ParcelHero, it’s simple to get great prices on delivery to Norway. Enter your package details and we'll show you a selection of cheap quotes in seconds.


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How do I clear Norway’s Customs?

When you ship to Norway, keep in mind that it is not a part of the European Union. That means that, no matter where you are shipping from, your parcel will have to clear customs. Duties and taxes will be applied when clearing customs. However, goods that are worth less than 350 Norwegian Kroner will clear customs without incurring these fees, as will goods that are sent as gifts worth less than 999 Kroner.

Are there rules about what I can send to Norway?

There are goods that Norway does not allow. For the most part, these are similar to the goods restricted for carriage by ParcelHero. You can find out more about these items on our Prohibited and Restricted goods page or, for more information on Norway’s customs clearance, see their official customs site.

Can I send food to Norway?

If you would like to import food to Norway, there are some rules you could fall foul of. To make sure there aren’t any problems, make sure that your food items are store bought and in original packaging. You can’t send anything perishable either, so nothing homemade will be allowed.

Can I ship heavy or large items from Norway to the UK?

Not only can you import large or heavy items from Norway with ParcelHero; we specialise in it. We work with the world’s leading freight services to ensure that no matter the size or weight of the parcel you are sending, you get the best prices possible.

Can I import musical instruments from Norway to the UK?

You can, though you should keep in mind that musical instruments are on our compensation exclusions list. That means that if the instrument is damaged during the shipping process, you won’t be able to get compensation. See our full compensation exclusion list for more information.

Doing business in Norway

As one of the biggest countries in Europe and a robust, wealthy market, the appeal of exporting to Norway is obvious. Though it is not part of the EU, Norway is a friendly, open market, but there are still challenges that you may have to face when exporting.

However, with over £3.8 billion in exports to Norway, it’s no stranger to British trade. Some of the UK’s top shipments to Norway include:

  • industrial and electrical machinery
  • medicines and pharmaceuticals
  • chemicals
  • petroleum products

These can be difficult to ship, so if your goods aren’t on that list, don’t panic. There are still a wide variety of export opportunities in Norway. If you want to know more about them, visit our government partner Exporting is Great, who highlight the best opportunities. For more information on shipping to Norway, the UK government has put together an export guide to Norway with all the details you will need.

How do I address a Parcel to Norway?

The address is a highly important factor when shipping internationally. After all, if we can’t find the house, how can we deliver to it? When shipping to Norway, you have to include:

  • John Smith [The name of the recipient]
  • Revierstredet 2 [Street name + building number]
  • OSLO [city]
  • NO-0104 [Postal code (4 digits)]
  • NORWAY [Country name]

Norway uses a four digit system for their postal codes. They start at 0001, for Oslo, and go all the way up to 9991, for the village of Båtsfjord. International deliveries used to require a ‘NO’ prefix for postal codes, but this is no longer required.

Are there dates that you don’t deliver to Norway?

Everyone enjoys a holiday, and your couriers are no different. That’s why we only deliver on weekdays between 9am and 6pm. We don’t deliver on public holidays either, so if you hope to have a parcel delivered in time for Christmas or another happy occasion, be sure to leave enough time for it to arrive.

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