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Whether you’re sending a gift or goods, ParcelHero can deliver your package to Pakistan in as little as two days. With prices starting as low as £25.84, and £50.00 free insurance on every delivery, we’re the smart choice for getting your parcel to its destination.

As experts in international delivery, we offer you a range of reliable couriers who will get your package safely to Pakistan. We also provide expert support and advice every step of the way, from top tips for clearing Pakistan Customs to free real time delivery tracking and UK-based customer service.

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A Really great prompt and easy to use System
Great, all was explained plus done, Very well Explained Delivered Tracked when required we wd not hesitate to use.
Great Service
Reasonably priced and delivered on time. International parcel had UK delivery address on label but it was still delivered to the correct address. Consumer service is good
All my questions were answered - delivery was on time per schedule - apart from the UK internal log history - which appeared 'bonkers', Nevermind the success on the arrival of my ...read more


Our Courier Services to Pakistan

From air freight to simple package shipping, we can get your parcel to Pakistan quickly and for less. Book online today and choose from the following services:

  • Express delivery – 2-5 Days
  • Economy delivery – 3-4 Days

All our shipments include free real time tracking, allowing you to follow your package’s progress around the world.

Sending Gifts to Pakistan

Whether you’re sending a present to celebrate Eid al-Fitr, or simply a birthday gift for someone you love, you want to make sure that your parcel gets to its destination safely. ParcelHero only works with the most reliable international couriers, so you can rely on us to deliver your gift to Pakistan in the same condition that you sent it.

Pakistani Customs will charge duties and taxes on all parcels coming into the country, whether they’re a gift or not. The only exemption is documents, so a birthday card will not incur any costs, but a present will be held at customs until the receiver pays the necessary fees. It’s often not ideal to make someone pay to receive their own present, so if you would like to pay the Customs fees instead then please contact our customer services when you make your booking.

Roses can be a great gift for that special person in your life, but unfortunately flowers do not travel well, so you cannot ship them with ParcelHero. You could however consider artificial flowers for that special romantic gesture.

Food Delivery to Pakistan

The last thing anyone wants when shipping internationally is to find out that their parcel has gone mouldy. That’s why you can’t send any foods with an expiry date of less than six months from when your parcel is collected.

This means that homemade foods will not be accepted, as all comestibles must be in factory sealed packaging. So, lovely as home baked cake is, consider some shop bought chocolates instead when sending to Pakistan.

Items you can’t Send to Pakistan

Before you pack up your parcel, remember to check ParcelHero’s list of prohibited items, which we will not deliver to any destination.

Pakistan also has its own rules and regulations surrounding what it allows across its border. The following items are strictly prohibited from entering Pakistan:

  • Any translation of the holy Qur’an that does not include any Arabic text
  • Goods or containers that are obscene or pornographic
  • Factory rejects or low quality goods in job lots
  • Used oils
  • Used or re-treaded tyres
  • Personal brewing equipment
  • Used electrical items, used electronics and personal effects are not allowed to be imported into Pakistan.

Other items require specific paperwork for delivery into the country:

  • Mobile telephones cannot be imported into Pakistan without a Pakistan Telecommunication Authority approval certificate
  • For shipments of medicine, the recipient requires a certificate from the Health Department Director General.

The recipient is responsible for obtaining the certificates, and will be contacted by customs officer to clear their parcel.

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