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Cost of delivery services to Pakistan

Save big when you send a package to Pakistan

With savings of up to 52% against shipping directly, ParcelHero makes sure that top quality shipping isn’t a big budget experience. We help you send a parcel to Pakistan at a fraction of the price, and our UK based customer service team makes sure you never have a problem.


Speedy delivery to destinations throughout Pakistan


Collections throughout Pakistan for parcel delivery to the UK

How to clear customs in Pakistan

Regardless of value, every package that is sent to Pakistan is subject to customs fees and local taxes. Pakistan’s tax rate is around 17%, so expect to pay at least 17% of the stated worth of your package, along with any customs fees that may be applied. That doesn’t apply to documents, which also clear customs faster than normal parcels.

To make it simpler to clear customs, ParcelHero generates your paperwork for you. This requires that you give us all the information we need, and that you’re as clear as possible. When you are, we make sure you have everything you need to clear customs without a problem, whatever you’re sending. For more information you can visit Pakistan’s customs team, or you can see more information on DHL’s Pakistan facts page.

Is there anything I can’t send to Pakistan?

Just because we take the confusion out of your paperwork, that doesn’t mean you can send anything you like to Pakistan. There are rules and regulations about the goods that are allowed into the country, so when you are packing your parcel, there’s a few things to keep in mind. However, for the most part the parcels that aren’t allowed to enter Pakistan are in line with the packages that ParcelHero would not be able to carry. You can find out more about those on our Prohibited Items page.

Can I send large or heavy parcels to Pakistan?

Delivery of large and heavy parcels is one of ParcelHero’s specialties. We work with leading couriers to offer the cheapest prices for international large and heavy shipping, and that’s no different when sending to Pakistan. Find out more on our large and heavy page.

Can I send mobile phones to Pakistan?

You can – and ParcelHero’s £50 free insurance even makes it safer to do so. You’ll need to make sure that your parcel is packaged as well as possible, be clear on your paperwork, and leave the rest to ParcelHero. Your phone will be in Pakistan in no time.

Can I ship food from Pakistan to the UK?

As long as your food isn’t homemade, you can send it from Pakistan to the UK. There are rules about shipping food: make sure that it is in original packaging, you can’t send anything perishable, and list all of the ingredients included in your food. As long as those criteria are met, you probably won’t have an issue with sending food to the UK.

Exporting to Pakistan

Thanks to its huge population and growing economy, Pakistan is a tempting destination for businesses large and small. Importantly, the World Bank ranks Pakistan as the 128th best country in the world to do business in – higher than tempting neighbours Bangladesh and India. That means it’s easier to put your product in front of those millions of customers, thanks to a common business language and similar legal practices.

Pakistan has over 100 English companies doing business in the country, and are familiar with many more. Some of the most common exports from the UK to Pakistan include:

  • specialised industrial machinery
  • power generation machinery
  • metal ores and scrap metal
  • telecom and broadcasting equipment
  • chemicals, pharmaceutical and medical products

Don’t panic if you can’t see your niche on that list; with almost £3billion in trade between the two countries, there’s plenty of room to find your own specialty. There are also some problems that you may face in doing so, however, including weak infrastructure and security risks to foreign businesses. It’s best to target a specific destination, such as a city like Karachi, as this allows you to mitigate problems like Pakistan’s weak infrastructure.

To see business opportunities in Pakistan, you can visit our government partner Exporting is Great, who have built a great tool that help you find the right sector for your business. For more information about exporting to Pakistan, you can also see the UK government’s guide to doing business in Pakistan.

How do I address a parcel to Pakistan?

With more than 55 million people calling Pakistan home, and millions in Karachi alone, it’s vital that you address your parcel correctly. Here’s how addresses work in Pakistan; you’ll need to include:

  • Mr. John Smith [The name of the recipient]
  • House No 17-B [The house number]
  • Street No 30 [The Street number]
  • Sector F-7/1 [The area in the city]
  • ISLAMABAD-44000 [The name of the city in all capitals, and the postcode]
  • PAKISTAN [The name of Pakistan, in all capitals]

Pakistan has been using postal codes for almost three decades. Each number relates to a particular area of the country – though some areas have adjacent numbers if they are related. Azad Kashmir has not had postcodes applied to Pakistani standards, but the codes 00010 through 12991 have been left blank for their use.

Are there dates you don't deliver?

Your couriers need a holiday too, so we don’t deliver on weekends and public holidays. If there’s an occasion you’d like your parcel to arrive in time for, be sure to take these dates into account when booking your delivery.

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