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Send a parcel to Peru

Parcel to Peru

Express and Economy Peruvian Parcel Delivery from only £28.04

£50 free protection as standard* *excluding Hermes deliveries

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Send bulky or heavy items weighing up to 1,000kg

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Cost of delivery services to Peru

Cheap parcel courier services to Peru

Thanks to a combination of low shipping costs, speedy delivery and a truly reliable service ParcelHero is the obvious choice for shipping to Peru. We only partner with the best international carriers, which means that we can be sure of an efficient delivery and secure transit for parcels that travel with us. Our simple website makes the process of organising parcel delivery easy and quick, and we will give you full visibility of your delivery from the moment it is picked up to the point at which it is dropped off.

No matter what kind of parcel delivery to Peru you need, we have lots of great options, including express and economy delivery. All ParcelHero deliveries come with tracking so that you can keep an eye on your shipment whenever you want to, and we also offer real time scan information to make this even easier. Delivery transit times are usually 2-4 days. However, this can vary depending on factors like the exact location that you want to send the package to, and the type of service that you want to use.

Peru is a huge, diverse country with a wide range of geographical areas, some of which may be defined as remote for shipping purposes. Remote areas will attract a surcharge and it is also worth bearing in mind that it can take longer for an item to reach such an area.

The Instant Quote that we offer is automatically programmed to take into account any remote area transit times, as well as any applicable surcharges, so you can see how long the parcel will take to arrive and how much it is going to cost from the start.


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Passing Peruvian customs

Unless you are shipping documents in an envelope your parcel will have to go through a customs clearance process upon import. Parcels valued at less than 200 USD will be charged duties and taxes on reaching the Peruvian border. This will be billed to your receiver.

In order to clear customs and continue the journey, your parcel must be accompanied by a customs invoice detailing the contents, value and country of origin. ParcelHero will ask for this information during the booking process and then generate the customs invoice for you. Just make sure you have it printed and ready before the carrier arrives to collect your parcel.Peru, like every other country, prohibits a wide selection of goods from being imported across the border. This list includes:

  • Cheese
  • Mutilated Peru maps
  • Used shoes
  • Powder

To learn more about shipping to Peru explore the official Peruvian customs site, and browse ParcelHero's list of prohibited items

Doing business in Peru

Peru is one of the easiest 60 countries to do business with, and the number two easiest country to do business with in the Latin America region. Over 92% of all trade including Peru is covered by free trade agreements.

Opportunities for trade and investment in Peru include:

  1. Infrastructure sector - from designing to building, there is a £16billion funding initiative in progress
  2. Defence and security systems and technology
  3. Oil and gas industries

Advantages to doing business in Peru include:

  1. Strong and stable government
  2. Good supply of natural resources
  3. Lowest inflation in Latin America

Potential disadvantages to doing business with Peru include:

  1. Corruption
  2. Tension over natural resources

To learn more about doing business with Peru visit the Exporting is Great site

How to address your parcel to Peru

The Peruvian address format is relatively similar to UK addresses, your recipient’s address should appear similar to the example below: 

  • John Smith [Recipient]
  • Av. Larco 1603, Miraflorento street [Street name and number + sub-locality]
  • 15074 [Postcode]
  • Lima [Province]
  • PERU

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