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How do I clear the Philippines’s Customs?

Because the Philippines is not a part of a free trade agreement like the EU, all shipments entering the country have to pass through customs in order to enter the country. However, if you send a shipment worth less than 10,000 Philippine Pesos, your package will be able to clear customs without having duties or customs applied.

VAT in the Philippines is currently at 12%, so the fees applied to packages will be at least 12% of the value of your goods.


Is there anything that I am not allowed to send to the Philippines?

When you send a parcel on an international delivery, there are rules about what will be allowed into the country. The Philippines oddly chooses to specify that live piranha are not allowed to be imported, otherwise if you follow ParcelHero's list of goods we won't ship you should have no problem at Filipino customs.

Can I send food to the Philippines?

ParcelHero makes it simple to send food to the Philippines, provided you follow a few simple rules. Make sure that any food you send is in original packaging and hasn’t been opened. It also can’t be perishable, so homemade UK favourites won’t be allowed.

Can I ship large pallets to the Philippines?

ParcelHero has built partnerships with the world’s leading freight firms to ensure that you get a great price no matter the size of your parcel. That means not only can you send pallets, you can save up to 60% while you do it.

Can I ship antiques from the Philippines to the UK?

The Philippines has a unique culture and long history, so there’s plenty of appeal to shipping some antiques back home. These are, however, considered prohibited goods when shipping with ParcelHero, so those local treasures will have to find another way home.

How do I address a parcel to the Philippines?

Addressing a parcel to the Philippines can be somewhat tricky, as there are some aspects of a normal Filipino address that are complex. The requirements for a parcel to arrive in the Philippines are:

  • The name of the recipient
  • The street name and number
  • The district name and name of the city
  • The postal code and province
  • The name of the country

Filipino postal codes are complex, as many locals are not comfortable with their use and may be unable to provide one. If you fail to use them, however, your parcel may be delayed or returned to the sender. The postal codes are four digits, which specify a destination district or, in the case of Metro Manila, a subdistrict. With a postal code included, a Philippines address should look something like this:

John Smith

3 M.L. Quezon Street

to Niño Tukuran

9 Zamboanga del Sur


Are there dates that you don’t deliver to the Philippines?

Since even the best couriers in the world need a day off every now and then, we don’t deliver seven days a week. Your parcel will arrive between nine and six on a normal working day, but deliveries won't happen on the weekend and public holidays.

Exporting your business to the Philippines

As one of the fastest growing economies and one of the biggest English-speaking countries in the world, the Philippines is an enticing destination for business of all shapes and sizes. With over £600 million of goods exported from the UK to the Philippines, there is a well-established relationship between the two countries. Some of the leading UK exports include:

  • Electrical, electronic equipment
  • Iron or steel products
  • Aircraft, spacecraft, and parts
  • Plastics

Some of the main challenges facing English businesses in The Philippines include finding a local agent, high levels of counterfeiting and slow and bureaucratic legal systems. For more information, read through the UK Government’s guide to Exporting to the Philippines. You can also visit our government partner Exporting is Great to learn about opportunities for doing business in the Philippines, or open a ParcelHero business account to get more great savings.

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