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Discover great deals on fast shipping to Poland. Save on next day delivery to Krakow, or compare prices for economy shipping to Warsaw. Wherever you're sending, ParcelHero makes it easy to find the service for you at a price you can afford. Simply enter your parcel and address details into our booking system and ParcelHero will display show you all the speeds and prices available.

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Everything you need to know about next day delivery

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We provide you with quotes from the world class courier services that we work with, giving you the ability to tailor your parcel delivery to perfectly suit your needs. When you ship a parcel to Poland you can choose between different methods, speeds and couriers. First choose the method, we offer both drop-off and collection services. Drop-off services enable you to fit your parcel delivery into your personal schedule whilst collection services can be more convenient for some as you don’t need to leave your house.

ParcelHero offers you Express Delivery services which can have your package delivered by the next day and our Economy Delivery services can deliver your shipment within 3-4 days.

In some cases, there will be a remote area surcharge added to your order. This fee covers the cost of the courier traveling to somewhere that is found far from the main country hubs. Both Chorzele and Miszewo Wielkie are considered as remote areas in Poland. You will know when a delivery destination is considered remote as the charge will be clearly listed before you complete your order with us.

Customs Charges in Poland

Poland and the UK are both in the EU (for now), meaning that there are no customs charges for shipments past the Polish borders. If you are shipping a parcel from outside the European Union however, there is a €150 customs duties threshold. If the contents of your parcel are valued less than €150 you do not have to pay any import tax or duty. If you send a gift to Poland from outside of the UK you do not have to pay tax or duty if its value is €45 or less.

If you need to contact the Polish Customs authority, you can find many details on their website, or you can ring them directly on +48 22 523 90 00

What can I send to Poland?

Every parcel sent using ParcelHero is covered under our prohibited items list, meaning that we will never ship anything found on this list. In addition to these items, Poland has its own list of items that they do not allow to pass their borders. These items include seeds, antiques and explosives.

How to address your parcel to Poland

Be sure to use Polish characters when addressing your parcel as this will help local couriers find your destination address. Polish postal codes are made up of 5 numbers separated by a hyphen between the first 2 and last 3. Poland is divided up into 10 large postal regions, these are indicated by the first number in a postcode (3 in our example). The next two numbers indicate the more local region and the final 2 digits identify the local delivery branch.

  • A typical Polish address will look like this:
  • John Smith [Recipient]
  • Rynek Główny 1 [Street address]
  • 31-001 [Postal code]
  • Kraków [locality]
  • Poland

Celebrations in Poland

Poland has 13 national holidays where you will not be able to book a delivery or collection. Use our tool below to see which holidays are coming next. You will most likely be familiar with all of these holidays bar 1. Constitution day occurs on May the 3rd every year and marks the signing of the Constitution of May 3, 1791 and was a victory for constitutional democracy.

UK Business in Poland

Poland’s GDP is increasing at a rate noticeably higher than the EU average, meaning that it is a prime country to invest in now. Some of the major advantages to doing business with Poland from the UK are:

  • Proximity – there are hundreds of flights between the two countries that make business convenient both for delivery and travel
  • Strong economy – the Polish economy is going from strength to strength
  • New business – Other Eastern European countries are easily accessed from the comparatively large Polish market

While there are obvious bonuses for trade and investment with Poland; messy bureaucracy and corruption can hinder the process. In recent years, this is becoming much less of a problem, but it is still less transparent then many other EU member states.

The UK exports goods worth almost £4billion to Poland, these are mainly comprised of industrial products such as chemicals and mechanical devices. As the Polish market is expanding at such a great rate, it is expected that the UK will start sending many more goods across many industries in the coming years. In 2013, the UK was the largest exporter into the country, proving that the rate of parcel delivery to Poland is set to increase over the years.

The UK Department of International Trade has highlighted the railway, security and defence sectors as ripe areas for trade with Poland.

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