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Portugal FAQ's

What are Portugal custom charges like?

If your items are valued under €150, any duties and taxes are waived. Although be warned that there is a limit on how much tobacco and alcohol you can import to Portugal, regardless of if you are sending from the EU or not. If your item is a gift then it qualifies for €45 tax exemption, meaning you will not have to pay any additional charges on a gift valued under that amount.

You can find more information on Portugal's customs requirements on their official site.

Addresses in Portugal

Whenever you send a shipment to an individual or customer in another country, it is important to ensure that you address the package in the language that is used most there. In Portugal, Portuguese is spoken as a first language, and even though most citizens can speak English make sure you don't translate phrases etc. into English. Portuguese addresses are notably different form their UK counterparts. Their postcodes are made up of digits and place names. Seven numbers are separated with a hyphen after the first four, after the 7th number a location is named.

What follows is an example of a typical Portuguese address format.

Mr John Smith [Name]

R. Nova do Desterro, 24 [Street name, house/building number]

1150-252 Lisboa [Postcode, territorial subdivision]


Doing business in Portugal

The UK and Portugal enjoy healthy economic ties, with lots of free-flowing trade between the two countries. The most exported goods from the UK to Portugal are linked with the industries of automotive, life sciences and information economy.

Currently Portugal is enjoying massive funding on its transport infrastructure. As such, there is a fantastic opportunity for trade and investment relating to UK suppliers of engineering products such as chemicals. Partnering with local companies and participating in EU funded tenders are fantastic ways to get involved.

There are major areas of opportunities in theme parks, environmental technology and fintech. To learn more about these opportunities and for a more exhaustive list of opportunities visit the UK government Portugal exporting site.

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