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Although Russia prohibits shipments between individuals, ParcelHero provides the premier experience to ensure that your business shipment is in the best possible hands. Whether you’re shipping from France to Moscow or Norway to Petersburg, you can be sure that you’ve got nothing to worry about. And thanks to our door-to-door shipping, you can even keep an eye on your package every step of the way.


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How to clear customs in Russia

And because of Russia’s restrictions about shipping destinations, customs are very particular about what they allow into the country. Each package will have to clear customs, but commercial shipments do have a low value exemption from duties and fees. That means that parcels that are worth less than €200 will not have to pay customs duties and fees when clearing customs.

You can find out more about the duties and taxes you may have to pay by visiting the Russian customs website.

Is there anything I can’t send to Russia?

ParcelHero makes it simple to ship to Russia, but that doesn’t mean you can send anything you like. Apart from some extra rules about shipping watches with certain carriers like UPS, the regulations for what you are allowed to bring into the country are mostly similar to the list of goods that ParcelHero cannot ship. You can see those goods in ParcelHero’s list of prohibited and restricted items for more information.

Can I send large or heavy parcels to Russia?

When you’re building a business or shipping to a Russian company, you’ll likely want to be shipping large goods or pallets. ParcelHero makes that simple and affordable by working with leading large and heavy couriers. Just enter you package details – we’ll do the heavy lifting.

Can I send documents to Russia?

Not only can you send documents to Russia, it is simple to clear customs and do so quickly thanks to ParcelHero. We can have your documents in Russia as quickly as possible, and at the cheapest prices around.

Can I ship food from Russia to the UK?

You can ship food with ParcelHero, as long as it is store bought and in its original packaging. No one wants to open a box of rotting food, so you’re not allowed to send anything considered perishable – that is, with a best before date within six months of shipping. Nothing homemade is allowed, so you’ll have to leave the family recipe pierogi behind.

Exporting to Russia

Because you are only allowed to ship to business addresses in Russia, it should be no surprise that you may want to be doing business in the country. As the ninth largest economy in the world, it’s a tempting destination, and recent improvements have lifted it to among the 100 easiest countries to do business in according to the World Bank.

Trade between the UK and Russia is growing year on year, and was worth well over £7billion in 2013. In fact, Russia is the UK’s largest export partner outside of the USA, China and the EU. Some of the most common UK exports to Russia include:

  • engineering products
  • pharmaceuticals
  • chemicals

Don’t panic if your goods aren’t on that list; as one of the UK’s biggest trading partners, there’s plenty of room for your own style. If you’re not sure, you can work with ParcelHero’s government trading partner Exporting is Great, who have put together a tool that helps you find the best opportunities for doing business in Russia. And if you need some more information on exporting to Russia, you can have a look at the government’s Russian export guide.

How do I address a parcel to Russia?

Russia is an enormously large country, so it’s vital that you get your shipping address absolutely right. To ensure delivery of your parcel, you should make sure to include:

  • Smith John [The name of the addressee – surname first]
  • ul. Lesnaya d. 5, kv. 176 [The name of the street and the number of the house or flat]
  • g. MOSKVA [The name of the city or village]
  • 123456 [Postcode]
  • RUSSIAN FEDERATION [The country, in all capitals]

When you’re filling the street name and house number, it’s best to use the Russian abbreviations. Those are ‘ul.’ for street name and ‘d.’ for house. Postcodes in Russia are six digits, with the first three digits referring to the region that the destination is in. Some large cities have a main central post office, which is assigned the postcode for the district. In the largest cities, some streets have multiple postcodes, which are then assigned by house number.

Are there days you don’t deliver?

Though ParcelHero’s partner carriers have the most extensive coverage possible, even they don’t deliver every day. Like anyone else, we need a break sometimes, so we don’t deliver on weekends or public holidays. Be sure to plan around the upcoming holidays below:

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