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Cost of delivery services to Singapore

Simple and cheap parcel postage to Singapore

Whatever the purpose for your shipment ParcelHero provides you with the best value for money sending parcels to Singapore. Our tailored booking system makes it easy for you to find the perfect price and service to get your parcel to its destination on time.

ParcelHero gives both individuals and businesses the opportunity to take advantage of unbeatable prices. Whether you're exporting or importing, take advantage of our fantastic courier service.


Fast delivery to destinations throughout Singapore


Collections from anywhere in Singapore for parcel delivery to the UK

Customs charges and Singapore

98% of goods imported into Singapore do not have any customs duty or taxes added. As long as your shipment does not contain alcohol, tobacco, fuel or vehicles; you will not have to pay customs duty if the value of your package is under $400 Singapore Dollars.

If you do need to pay customs duty on your shipment, the rate is currently set at 7%.

What can you send to Singapore?

Before you send anything domestically or internationally, check ParcelHero's list of prohibited items. These are items that we will never ship. Amongst the good prohibited from import in Singapore are chewing gum, seditious material and obscene material.

Singapore also has a restricted items list, these are items that need extra paperwork to legally cross the border and include the following: Pre-recorded media formats (DVDs/CDs), rough diamonds and vinyl records.

You can find an exhaustive list of goods prohibited and restricted from import to Singapore on their dedicated customs site.

Doing business in Singapore

Singapore is ranked as the easiest place in the world to start and run a business by the World Bank. Singapore is in the perfect location for business in the Asia Pacific region.

There are many positives to doing business in Singapore including:

  • A generous free flow of goods
  • Great exchange rate
  • business and legal practices are very similar to the UK
  • 50% of the world's population can be reached by a 6-hour flight
  • The only AAA credit rated country from all 3 agencies

We highly recommend considering business opportunities in Singapore. To learn more about business practice in Singapore and to read UK government advice, visit the Department for International Trade’s portal.

Addressing your parcel to Singapore

Addressing a parcel to Singapore is slightly more complex than addressing to a British address, see below for a typical address format in Singapore:

  • Mr. Smith [Recipient]
  • Block 141 [House Number]
  • Elixr Street 25 [Street Name & Street Number (not house number)]
  • #06-110 [Level & Unit Number]
  • Singapore 523725 [Post Code]
  • SINGAPORE [Country name]

Shipping to Singapore on national holidays

There are 14 national holidays held in Singapore when ParcelHero will not carry out deliveries or collections. It is interesting to note that Singapore celebrates both Western and Chinese holidays. Check upcoming holidays and make sure that they do not clash with any shipments you are planning to send to Singapore.

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