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Everything you need to know about delivery to South Africa

What are South Africa’s Customs rules?

When shipping a parcel to South Africa, it will pass through South African customs before being allowed into the country. During this process, parcels worth less than 500 Rand (or 1,400 Rand for gifts), will clear customs without duties or customs fees being applied. Higher value parcels will be evaluated by the South African Revenue Service, and will have taxes and customs fees applied before entering the country.

South African VAT is currently set at 14%, which will be levied on the value of any parcel which is above the thresholds for clearing customs.

Is there anything that I am not allowed to send to South Africa?

South Africa is no stranger to strong trade restrictions, but the rules have mellowed significantly in recent years. There are still rules about what you are allowed to bring into the country but, for the most part, they fall in line with what we at ParcelHero are not happy to carry. You can find a full list of restricted goods on our Restricted and Prohibited Items page, where we explain what you can and can’t ship by courier. You can find more information on prohibited and restricted goods on the official South African customs website.

Can I send food from South Africa to the UK?

There are plenty of tasty treats unique to South Africa, but there are only a few that you are allowed to send by courier. Foods that are homemade or perishable are not allowed, so your grandma’s signature boerewors is unfortunately not allowed. Shipping food internationally requires it to be store bought, and in its original packaging

Can I send antiques to South Africa?

Since there are some buildings in the UK that are older than South Africa as a country, it’s easy to see the temptation of sending over some antiques. However, shipping valuable antiques is not allowed with most courier services – so you might have to find a specialty courier to do the job instead.

Can I send my luggage to Johannesburg ahead of me?

There are worse destinations than South Africa when you’re off in search of the sun, but with such a long flight, it’s nice to not have to worry about your luggage. That why ParcelHero takes care of things for you, by delivering your luggage right to your hotel room. We’ll take it from your front door too, so there’s less queueing for you to suffer through, all you have to do is ensure it's packaged in a way that is suitable for international shipping.

How do I address a Parcel to South Africa?

South Africa is a big place, so it’s important to make sure that you get the address on your parcel absolutely right. Shipping across a country so large takes time, so making a mistake could lead to heavy delays. A South African address must include

  • Mr John Smith [name]
  • 497 Jacob Mare Street [number and street name]
  • Pretoria [city or suburb]
  • 0001 [postcode]
  • SOUTH AFRICA [country]

In South Africa, postcodes are made up of four digits. The first two specify the area the package is destined for, the last two the mode of delivery. For example, in most places codes ending in ‘01’ indicate deliveries to a street address, while ‘00’ indicate delivery to a mail bag. Put together, you should have an address that looks like this:

Are there dates that you don’t deliver?

Everyone deserves a break. In South Africa, Christmas is celebrated in the middle of summer, so we need the chance to hit the beach every now and then. That’s why we only deliver on weekdays, with no parcels arriving on weekends or public holidays. Keep the dates below in mind when booking your shipping.

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