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The best prices for shipping a parcel to Spain

ParcelHero works with the best couriers in the world to offer great prices on shipping to destinations throughout Spain. When shipping to destinations like Barcelona, you get savings of up to 77% and still get to enjoy that your parcel is in the hands of some of the best couriers in the world.

Keep in mind, however, that if you are shipping to a remote area such as the Basque country instead of Madrid, there may be extra charges for your delivery, which will be included in your quote once you enter a destination address. You can find out more about these charges on our Remote Area Surcharges page.

It's also important to know that if you would like to send a parcel to Tenerife or the other Canary Islands, they are treated separately to Spain by couriers. As such, you'll need to visit our Canary Islands page to find out more about shipping to them.


Next day delivery to destinations throughout Spain


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Customs charges when sending to Spain

When you ship a parcel to Spain, it will have to pass through customs before it can enter the country. If you are exporting to Spain from a country within the European Union, such as Portugal or the UK, there's no need to worry about the duties and fees associated with clearing customs. For parcels outside the EU however, you will need to pay duties and taxes on parcels that are worth more than €150.

What can I send to Spain?

ParcelHero can help you ship all manner of items to Spain, but there are some goods that are restricted from entering the country. If you are looking to move to Spain and you want to ship personal possessions there, be aware that additional documentation may be required, including proof of ID, such as a passport.

If you're a businessman sending samples, beware of Spain's unusual restrictions on these goods. You won't need to pay duties or taxes, but your goods may be modified so as not to be completely functional - like drilling a hole in the soles of a pair of shoe samples.

The Agencia Tributaria, which oversees Spain’s Customs, has a limited English-language website, where you can find information and official forms.

Don't forget that ParcelHero is here to make things as simple as possible. That's why, if you're shipping to Spain from outside the EU, we generate all the paperwork that you need for your shipment to enter the country safe and sound.

For more information on the goods that you can and can't ship to Spain, have a look through ParcelHero's list of restricted and prohibited goods.

Can I ship guitars from Spain?

Spain makes some of the most famous guitars in the world, and while you can send these with ParcelHero, there is some risk involved. Musical instruments are excluded from insurance coverage, so they will not be reimbursed if they are damaged. Be sure to properly package your guitars if you are shipping them internationally.

Can I send sporting goods to the UK from Spain?

You can send sporting goods to the UK, and ParcelHero makes doing so simple. There’s no need to worry about memorabilia likes shirts from Real Madrid or A.C Milan either, just box them up and send them on their way.

Doing Business in Spain.

As the fifth biggest market in the EU and one of the fastest growing, Spain is an appealing proposition for many small and medium business owners looking to expand. Since English is an accepted language for doing business throughout Spain, it’s considerably easier to establish yourself than in some of Spain’s European neighbours. Leading UK exports to Spain include:

  • Aircraft and aircraft equipment
  • Alcoholic beverages - though you can’t send these with ParcelHero
  • Medical products and pharmaceuticals

If you would like to export to Spain, there are many useful resources online. ParcelHero suggests making use of Exporting is Great’s online tool, which helps you find export opportunities. Also be sure to read the UK Government’s guide to Exporting to Spain.

How to address your parcel to Spain

Making sure that your parcel arrives at its destination

When you ship to Spain, they have their own method of addressing parcels. The format used in Spain is as follows:

  • Mr John Smith [Name]
  • Carrer de Maria Cubi, 125, 3⁰ [Street name, house/building number, floor number]
  • 08021, Barcelona [Postcode, city/town]
  • Spain [Country]

In Spain, a typical postcode is made up of five digits. The first two of those digits specify the region that the parcel is headed for, and the other three explain where in that region that code specifically for.

Sending Christmas presents to Spain

It's a Merry Christmas in Spain a little earlier than the for the rest of us, so don't get caught out. Spain celebrates the most wonderful time of the year just like the Dutch - on the fifth of December.

That means you'll have to get your parcels sent off even earlier if you'd like delivery in time for Christmas, since couriers don't deliver on national holidays. Keep that early Christmas in mind, along with other Spanish national holidays.

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