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ParcelHero has teamed up with the world’s leading couriers to ensure that you get amazing prices on shipping to Sri Lanka. With premier services like UPS, DHL and FedEx at your fingertips, you can put your parcel into the best possible hands, without having to pay an arm and a leg. ParcelHero also makes sure that it is simple to ship the other way. Our services from Sri Lanka to the UK are fast, efficient and affordable.

What's on this page?

Everything you need to know about shipping to Sri Lanka

Picking the right service for you

ParcelHero does more than help you save on shipping to Sri Lanka; we offer a wide variety of shipping options too. Whether you need your parcel there as soon as possible, or if you just want the best price for your shipment to Sri Lanka, you need look no further than ParcelHero.

Enter your parcel details in the form on this page and we'll show you a variety of services and quotes for you to pick from.

Customs clearance made simple with ParcelHero

Every package that enters Sri Lanka passes through customs, so remember to give us enough details so that we can supply you with the correct paperwork. The only exemption is paperwork, so all other parcels will have duties and customs fees applied during the clearance process. Value Added Tax in Sri Lanka is 15%, so you can expect at least that portion of the value of your goods to be applied to your package during clearance. For more information, pay a visit to the Sri Lankan customs page.

Is there anything that I’m not allowed to send to Sri Lanka?

Like any other international destination, there are rules about what you can import. Apart from a ban on any materials ridiculing religious belief, however, Sri Lankan import rules predominantly fall into line with ParcelHero’s own list of goods that are not carried by our partner couriers. Visit ParcelHero’s Prohibited Items list to find out more.

Do you deliver on public holidays?

Even the hardest working couriers need some time to take a breather, which is why we don’t deliver on weekends or public holidays. Don’t be taken by surprise when you’re shipping near Sri Lankan days off, and be sure to leave plenty of time to make sure that your delivery isn’t delayed.

Can I send heavy parcels to Sri Lanka?

Though it is on the other side of the world, ParcelHero makes sending a parcel to Sri Lanka simple - no matter the size. We work with leading oversized package carriers like TNT to help you get a great price for even the largest and heaviest goods.

Can I send gifts to Sri Lanka?

There are plenty of reasons to send gifts to Sri Lanka, but remember that there are no gift exemptions to duties and taxes when your gift reaches Sri Lankan customs. As such, your receiver will be billed for these charges and you may want to consider arranging to have these paid ahead of time.

Can I ship tea from Sri Lanka to the UK?

As one of the most famous producers of tea in the world, getting tea from Sri Lanka is a special treat. As long as your shipment is in original packaging and isn’t perishable, there shouldn’t be any issues in shipping it.

How do I address a parcel to Sri Lanka?

When shipping to Sri Lanka, properly addressing your parcel can be the difference between prompt delivery and a long delay. You need to include:

  • Your recipients title, first name or initials and surname
  • The name or number of the house, and the name of the road or street
  • The destination village or locality name
  • The name of the postal town, and the postcode
  • Sri Lanka (choose from our drop down menu)

Postcodes in Sri Lanka are five-digit numbers, each of which is assigned to a specific postal town. When you put together all the elements of a Sri Lankan address, it should look like the below:

Mr. John Smith,

10, Dharmapala Mawatha,




Exporting to Sri Lanka

Thanks in part to Britain’s love of tea, the UK and Sri Lanka have a long-standing business relationship. The UK is one of the top investors in Sri Lanka, and though exports to Sri Lanka have dropped slightly in recent years, they were still worth over £165 million in 2014. As one of the strongest growing economies in the region, Sri Lanka is a tempting destination for a growing company. Top exports from the UK to Sri Lanka included:

  • infrastructure services
  • Information and Communications Technology (ICT)

This is not an exclusive list however, and businesses that fall outside of these niches should not be discouraged from sending goods to Sri Lanka. They should keep in mind the extra costs in shipping to a destination outside the European Union, as all shipments to Sri Lanka will have extra fees applied when clearing customs. This could make exporting to Sri Lanka prohibitively expensive for smaller businesses, but may be worth the risk for others.

The Sri Lankan government does encourage international businesses to consider the country, so if you’d like more information about exporting to Sri Lanka, you can visit the UK government’s guide to Exporting to Sri Lanka, or our government partner Exporting is Great, who have a tool that suggests opportunities in Export destinations around the world.

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