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Shipping to Switzerland with premier couriers at an economy price

Parcel to Switzerland

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Cost of delivery services to Switzerland

Save up to 60% on delivery to Switzerland with ParcelHero

Why does shipping internationally have to be intimidating? Here at ParcelHero, we make sure it is just the opposite, by taking your parcel from your front door and putting it in the hands of the world’s leading couriers, all at savings of up to 60% of booking directly. Best of all, we’ll take care of all your shipping and customs paperwork, leaving you to enjoy your peace of mind.


Fast delivery to destinations throughout Switzerland


Collections from Switzerland for parcel delivery to the UK

What are the Swiss customs rules?

Because Switzerland are not part of the EU, shipments from all origins must clear customs as normal. There is no low value exemption from duties and taxes in Switzerland, but if you are sending a gift that is worth less than 100 francs, charges will not be applied during clearance. Be sure to make it clear that parcel contains a gift, and include a full declaration of its contents. Don’t worry about your customs paperwork – ParcelHero takes care of that for you.

Are there any restricted goods in Switzerland?

Though Switzerland welcomes imports, there are rules about exactly what you are allowed to send to the country. Don’t worry – many of them are similar to ParcelHero’s own rules about Prohibited and Restricted items. For a more specific list, visit Switzerland’s customs website.

Can I send Swiss cheese to the UK?

Swiss cheese is famous around the world and, as long as you are follow a few simple rules, you can ship it around the world. Just make sure that it is store bought and in the original packaging. You’ll also need to make sure that it is not homemade, and that the expiry date is longer than six months from the date of shipping.

Can I send car parts to Switzerland?

Yes, you can send car parts. ParcelHero works with some of the world’s leading freight carriers, and specialises in getting you the best possible prices for large and heavy delivery, while still enjoying the benefits of premier courier services.

Can I send live animals to Switzerland?

You’re not allowed to send any living animal by courier. If you would like to transport livestock or pets, please contact a specialist courier.

Doing business in Switzerland

Thanks to the close location and familiar legal styles, Switzerland is a popular destination for UK businesses. Perhaps it is no surprise then that trade between the UK and Switzerland is worth over £31.9 billion a year. Some of the leading exports from the UK to Switzerland include:

  • machines, engines, pumps
  • pharmaceuticals
  • medical, technical equipment
  • metals

With trade between the UK and Switzerland growing by more than 130% in the last five years, there’s plenty of opportunity even if your own goods are not on that list, so don’t panic. For more information on these and other export opportunities, visit the UK Government’s Export Guide, or our government partner Exporting is Great.

Addressing a parcel to Switzerland

The address is important when shipping internationally, as we can’t deliver your parcel if we don’t know where it is going. The address should include:

  • Mr. John Smith [The name of the recipient]
  • Tastentanzenstrasse 5/16 [street name + building-number/apartment-number]
  • 1234 [postal code]
  • Geneva [city]
  • SWITZERLAND [country name]

If a letter has two döts (ö), then you can substitute an e after the letter for the dots. Switzerland uses a four-digit postcode system, where the digits are sorted by route, from north to south.

Sending gifts to Switzerland

Regardless of what holidays you celebrate, there’s always a reason to give a gift to someone special. When you’re shipping one to Switzerland, keep in mind that our partner couriers only deliver on normal working days. If you’re sending a gift for a specific date, plan for it potentially take a few extra days.

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