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Cost of delivery services to Thailand

Premier delivery to Thailand at an economy price

By working with the world’s leading delivery firms, like DHL and UPS, ParcelHero offers the best prices possible for sending a parcel to Thailand. Whether your destination is Hat Yai or Bangkok, we make sure that your shipment is in the safest possible hands without having to break the bank. Our great import services make it simple too, as you can be shipping from Thailand to the UK in just a few clicks.


Fast delivery to destinations throughout Thailand


Collections from anywhere in Thailand for parcel delivery to the UK

Thailand’s Customs rules when shipping parcels

When you’re shipping to Thailand, all parcels will have to pass through customs in order to enter the country. Unlike the EU, there’s no free movement of goods, so you will also have to pay duties and taxes when clearing customs. There is, however, an exemption for parcels worth less than 1,500 Baht, which will clear customs without having fees applied.

Value Added Tax in Thailand is set at 7% for most goods. That means that when duties and taxes are applied to your shipment, the amount will be at least 7% of the value of your goods.

Is there anything that I am not allowed to send to Thailand?

ParcelHero makes it cheap and simple to ship to Thailand, but that doesn’t mean your parcel can contain anything you like. Like any international shipment, some goods are not allowed to be imported into Thailand. In general, these are similar to the goods that ParcelHero is not able to carry. However, Thailand specifically bans all goods bearing a Thai flag as well as counterfeit official seals.

You can find a full list of restricted goods on our Restricted and Prohibited Items page, where we explain what you can and can’t ship by courier. There are also goods that require permission from the Thai government in order to be imported. See more information on those goods on Thailand’s Customs page.

Can I ship antiques from Thailand to the UK?

Thailand has a long history with plenty of beautiful culture that may well be desirable for your personal collection. However, furniture, ceramics and works of art are all on our compensation exclusions list, as these are fragile and often considered irreplaceable, so if they are damaged in transit you will not be entitled to any compensation.

Can I send food to Thailand?

Thailand has no shortage of flavours to delight the tongue, but sometimes there’s nothing like the taste of home. Food is one of ParcelHero’s most popular shipments, so we know exactly how it works. Make sure that any food you ship is not perishable and still in its original, unopened packaging.

Can I ship large and heavy parcels to Thailand?

You can ship large and heavy parcels to Thailand with ParcelHero – in fact, we specialise in it. We have partnerships with leading freight firms like TNT to ensure smooth pickup and delivery of everything from a heavy box to a fully palletised shipment.

Are there export opportunities in Thailand?

Thailand is commonly considered the gateway to many Asiatic markets, and as such an appealing target for businesses of all shapes and sizes. There are some risks involved in establishing a business in Thailand, but the rewards for doing so are bountiful.

UK is a leading trade partner with Thailand, with over £2 billion of trade between the two countries. Some leading exports from the UK to Thailand include:

  • iron and steel
  • power generating machinery and equipment
  • medicinal and pharmaceutical
  • photographic and optical goods

With over 50 UK businesses already established in Thailand, there’s clearly room for enterprises of all shapes and sizes. Keep an eye out for some of the risks involved in getting started however, such as finding a local partner to represent your interests. It’s not required, but is considered best practice to do so. To find out more about exporting your business to Thailand, be sure to check out the UK government’s Guide to Exporting to Thailand. To find opportunities for your business in Thailand, our government partner Exporting is Great provides information on Thailand and many other destinations.

It’s no one’s favourite part of business, but be sure to do your due diligence when it comes to paperwork. It can be trickier to set up a business in Thailand than in other places, so be sure to do your research.

How do I address a Parcel to Thailand?

Although Thailand’s infrastructure doesn’t always fit a universal shipping address, there is still a good format to make sure that we know exactly where your parcel is destined. When addressing your parcel to Thailand, make sure to include:

  • Mr John Smith [The name of the recipient]
  • 273 M.5 [The name of the road]
  • Chiang Dao [The subdistrict, and the district it is in]
  • Chiang Mai
  • 50170 [The province post code]
  • THAILAND [Country]

Thai postal codes are made up of five digits, though there is a nine-digit version of most postal codes that is rarely used. The first two digits indicate the province, the third dictates the district, and the final two pinpoint the subdistrict.

Are there dates that you don’t deliver?

Shipping parcels across the world can be taxing, so every now and then we need a break. That’s why we don’t deliver on weekends or public holidays – so if you know you need your delivery to arrive before a certain date, get shipping in good time.

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