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Forget waiting for your turn in the queue at your nearest post office, with ParcelHero shipping to Turkey is convenient and cheap. A few clicks will ensure that your parcel is collected from your door. Find the best deal on shipping parcels to Turkey with ParcelHero.

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Cost of delivery services to Turkey


How do I send a parcel to Turkey cheaply?

ParcelHero works with the world's best couriers to save you money on shipping. That’s why at ParcelHero® we give you the option of different couriers, different prices and different services.

Our express delivery service will get your parcel delivered in 2-4 days, our economy service will take 3-4 days and our super economy services will get your parcel to its destination in 4 days and over.

From Istanbul over Izmir, you can rely on us to get your parcel to its destination.

Turkish customs charges

As Turkey is not in the EU every parcel containing goods worth more than €30 will be subject to customs tax and duties.

Items imported into Turkey that are valued between €30 and €7,500 are subject to a 20% customs tax if they originate from outside of the EU and 18% if they are shipped from an EU member state.

What can you send to Turkey?

Before you book a delivery with ParcelHero, check our prohibited items list. We will not ship anything on this list to any destination. Turkey also has its own prohibited import list, this list includes electronic cigarettes, gambling devices and mobile phones. Turkey also has a restricted import list, items on here cannot be imported unless certain conditions are met. Artwork, coffee and software are on this list.

To discover more about customs regulations in Turkey, visit their customs information site.

Addressing your parcel to Turkey

Although Turkey’s official language is Turkish, when you provide us with your parcel information please do so in English. Our local couriers are used to completing deliveries sent from an international destination. A typical Turkish address looks like the following:

  • John Smith [Name]
  • Kamer Hatun Mahallesi[Neighbourhood]
  • Meşrutiyet Cd.[Apartment building name]
  • 1463 Sok. No. 3 Kat 5 D:13 [Street number, apartment number, floor number]
  • 34435 [Postal code]
  • Beyoğlu/İstanbul [province]
  • Turkey [Country]

Shipping to Turkey on national holidays

There are 10 holidays that are observed in Turkey when no parcel collections or deliveries will take place. One such day falls on the 1st of May and is named Labour & Solidarity Day

Doing business in Turkey

Turkey enjoys a fast-growing economy which looks set to become a leading light in Europe. Turkey is considered to be a gateway market as it is perfectly situated between the Asian, European, Slavic and Middle Eastern regions. This makes Turkey an ideal location to set up business to attempt to enter the markets found in these regions.

Turkey is already Europe’s 6th largest economy and is likely to be in the world’s top 10 economies by 2023. It also has the youngest population in Europe and is close to joining the EU. These facts all make Turkey a strong contender for expanding a business into Europe. One potential downside to doing business in Turkey is the fact that legislation has a tendency to change without warning which can leave businesses in the lurch.

After Germany and Iraq, The UK is already the 3rd largest importer into Turkey. This means that the two countries enjoy good economic relations. Currently, the healthcare and energy industries are enjoying a period of growth. As a result, UK suppliers of products in these industries are highly sought after.

Read UK government advice on doing business in Turkey here.

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