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Shipping parcels to Uganda made easy

Parcel to Uganda

Express and Economy Ugandan Parcel Delivery from only £33.60

£50 free protection as standard* *excluding Hermes deliveries

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Cost of delivery services to Uganda

Cheap parcel delivery service options to Uganda

It takes a matter of seconds to get a range of discount quotes for sending to Uganda with ParcelHero. Compare economy and express options with the world's most reliable couriers, all in one place.

And when you find the right service for you, we make booking quick and simple – we will even auto-generate your customs invoices. Transit times to Uganda are usually 3-5 days pending customs clearance. If you are sending an item to an area that is more remote than the major towns and cities then this may take a little longer to reach and attracts a small surcharge, which is included in the price when you get your quote.


Speedy delivery from the UK to Uganda


Cheap shipping to the UK from Uganda

How to pass Ugandan Customs

As Uganda is not part of the EU there is no free movement of goods and so your parcel will need to clear local customs to be delivered. For this you will need to attach a customs invoice to the package, which the ParcelHero booking system will generate for you during the booking process.

Your parcel can only be delivered in Uganda once your parcel has been cleared by the Ugandan border authority. If the contents of your parcel are valued under $50USD you will not have to pay any customs duties or taxes.

It is important that you are not sending any items into the country that are prohibited or restricted, as this may result in your package being delayed or destroyed. Uganda prohibits a large list of items from entering the country, this list includes:

  • Liquor
  • Magnetized materials
  • Tapes + video cassettes
  • Second hand or old appliances and computers

ParcelHero also has a list of items that we will not carry, be sure to check that along with the Ugandan customs site before you package your item for delivery.

Doing business in Uganda

Uganda has the 3rd largest consumer market in East Africa which makes it one of the most attractive countries in Africa to do business with. The following industries are ripe for outside investment:

  • Healthcare – Ugandan healthcare is in need of modernisation
  • Education – The education system in Uganda requires investment and technology
  • Energy – Investment into renewable energy for the country is promoted

Advantages to doing business in Uganda include:

  1. A stable and liberal economy
  2. Private sector encouraged by government
  3. Attractive investment policies

Disadvantages to doing business in Uganda include:

  1. Poor transport network
  2. Electricity is costly and unreliable

To learn more about business and investment opportunities in Uganda, visit the UK government’s dedicated site.

How to address your parcel to Uganda

Addresses in Uganda will vary significantly depending on where the parcel recipient is located. Many addresses will simply be a P.O. box number. A typical address will follow the below example:

  • John Smith [Recipient]
  • P.O. Box 548461 [P.O. Box Number]
  • Kampala [City / Region]
  • Uganda

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