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Cost of delivery services to the UAE

Make sending a parcel to the UAE simple and affordable

Shipping a parcel to destinations within the United Arab Emirates can be tricky thanks to the structure of the country. ParcelHero works with the world’s leading couriers to make sure that you get the best price possible on delivery to the UAE. That means that whether you’re sending to Abu Dhabi, Sharjah or Dubai, ParcelHero makes it simple.


Fast delivery to destinations throughout the UAE


Collections from the United Arab Emirates for parcel delivery to the UK

What are the customs rules in the United Arab Emirates?

Whatever the contents of your shipment to the UAE, it will have to pass through customs. That doesn’t necessarily mean that it will have duties and customs fees applied however; parcels worth less than 1,000 dirham will clear customs without extra fees. Gifts worth more than this will be taxed at 5%, and other packages above this threshold will be taxed as normal in the destination Emirate.

Is there anything that I am not allowed to send to the UAE?

Knowing what you can and can’t send to the United Arab Emirates can be tricky, as many of the individual emirates have their own rules. For the most part, the rules are similar to ParcelHero’s own rules about Prohibited and Restricted items. For more specific rules, likes Dubai’s rules banning all goods from Israel, you should visit the website of your parcel's destination emirate.

Can I send food from the UK to the UAE?

As long as it doesn't breach the emirate's specific import rules you can ship certain foods to the UAE with ParcelHero. Food shipped internationally has to be in its original packaging, and bought from a store. Nothing perishable or homemade is allowed to be sent, and won’t be delivered.

Can I send car parts to Dubai?

Yes. Dubai is home to great roads and fancy cars, so it should come as no surprise that ParcelHero sends hundreds of car parts a year. We know exactly what we’re doing, so you get big savings and a great service.

Can I send my luggage to London ahead of me?

Yes. Since Dubai is a popular destination as well as being a convenient stop-off point on long haul flights, there’s plenty of airport to go around. ParcelHero makes sure you’ve plenty of personal space by taking your luggage from door to door – no need to worry about booking space on the plane, or finding space in the airport.

Are there export opportunities in the United Arab Emirates?

As the UK’s largest middle eastern trading partner, the UAE is an appealing destination for companies of all shapes and sizes. There are unique difficulties to face, but doing so can be lucrative – as the 5,000 UK companies who have established themselves in the UAE can attest. There’s over £12 billion of trade between the UK and the UAE, so there is plenty of space for more.

Some of the most popular goods sent from the UK to the UAE include:

  • telecomms and sound recording and reproducing equipment
  • professional and scientific instruments and apparatus
  • general industrial material
  • electrical machinery and appliances

Some challenges that you might face in the UAE include the wide variety of demographics, which differ between each of the Emirates, and unusual regulations that include normal business and ‘Free Zones’. For more information, you can visit the UK governments Guide to Exporting to the UAE. You can also pay a visit to our government partner Exporting is Great, which helps you find the best opportunities for UK business in the UAE.

If you do decide to build your business in the UAE, you can sign up for a ParcelHero business account for further savings.

How do I address a Parcel to the UAE?

Depending where you are shipping your parcel within the United Arab Emirates, addressing your package may be difficult. In Dubai, for example, there are no street addresses. Normal mail is delivered to a PO Box, but most courier services don’t deliver to these boxes. Instead you will need to describe your delivery destination so that your courier can find it.

When you are sending a parcel, your address should include:

  • Mr. John Smith [The name of the recipient]
  • Suite No. 69 [The suite or apartment number]
  • ParcelHero Building [The name of the building]
  • Jebel Ali Freezone, Gate 2, First right after entry [The area it is in, with directions on reaching it]
  • DUBAI, UAE [Country name]

This helps the courier that you are shipping your parcel with find the right building, which can be difficult when there is so much building and transformation.

Are there dates that you don’t deliver?

Like everyone else, the people who deliver your packages and gifts need a holiday ever once in a while too. That’s why we don’t deliver on weekends or public holidays. If you need a shipment to arrive for a specific occasion, be sure to keep the dates below in mind when making your booking.

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