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With ParcelHero® sending a parcel to the USA is easy. We offer both fast, next-day USA parcel delivery alongside cheap economy shipping to the USA from right across the UK. Our huge buying power enables us to offer prices that are even lower than the standard rates for postage to the USA. However, unlike sending post to the USA, ParcelHero® provides fast shipping with real-time parcel tracking. All of our shipments offer signed for delivery, as standard.

Shipping from the UK to the USA, is not as simple as sending a package down the road. There is paperwork and customs clearance to consider, think about, and even how to safely package your parcel. But don't worry, whether you're sending airmail or sending food, shipping luggage or sending gifts to the USA to a loved one in the United States, ParcelHero's fully comprehensive service provides you with everything you need to know about sending parcels to America, all in this helpful guide.

Parcel To United States

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Parcel postage from the UK to the USA

Express: Next Day Delivery
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Shipping from the USA to the UK

Same Day Collection across the USA
Express: 2 Day delivery
Economy Delivery: 4 – 6 Day delivery

Our USA Parcel Postage Services

ParcelHero® offers delivery services with the world's leading major couriers. We offer both fast next day express delivery to the USA as well as cheap economy 3 – 5 courier delivery. When sending a small lightweight parcel, our express service will often be cheaper than our economy delivery, but if you're sending a large parcel, pallet or air freight shipment to the USA, our economy service offers excellent value.

And if you're looking to import from the US, we also offer shipping from the USA to the UK, with same day collection across the United States.Want to send a parcel to neighbouring Canada? Our great rates still apply!

Courier Collection & Delivery

ParcelHero® collects same day across the UK and the US, with booking up to 4pm in many urban areas.
Deliveries are made between 9am and 7pm weekdays, and we offer timed AM delivery for urgent shipments, covered by a money back guarantee.
We make 3 delivery attempts as standard on all US parcel deliveries.
In the United States couriers can deliver to a nominated safe place, such as a porch or neighbour, however you can request a signed for delivery at checkout if required.
Learn more about collection & delivery

US Customs Paperwork

Most shipments travelling to the US by courier are subject to duties and tax. However there are certain types of shipments such as gifts and personal effects which are not subject to customs charges if they are under a certain value. All non-document shipments exporting from the UK and travelling to the US must be accompanied by a customs invoice.

The customs invoice details what you're shipping and the reason you're sending it, helping US Customs officials assess whether import duties are to be applied to your shipment and for how much. ParcelHero® helps you produce all required paperwork during the booking process; all you need to do is print the documents and affix them to your parcel prior to collection.
Learn more about customs and global trade
Learn more about calculating US import duty and tax

Labels & Paperwork

ParcelHero will produce all the paperwork you need for shipping, however you will need a laser printer, so you can print your labels and documents and affix to your packages prior to shipping.

USA Parcel Tracking

ParcelHero® only partners with the world's leading couriers. All our partners offer real-time tracking from door-to-door. When using a courier to ship to the USA, your parcel will travel through multiple countries, and at every point along its journey it will receive a scan. When you track your parcel, you will be able to see where it is along its journey. If your package is delayed, the status of your shipment will show as exception, and the scan will tell you why. The most common type of delay is when your package is held at customs.

When you send a parcel to America and it's delayed in customs, US Customs officials will often request for information from the receiver, so it's worth getting in contact when them and asking them to contact the delivery courier to resolve any delays. We'll also email you to let you know what's required and how you can speed up delivery.

Sending Gifts to the USA

Sending gifts to loved ones for thanksgiving, Christmas or birthdays is a very personal thing and your gift delivery also has a deadline! No one wants their gift turning up after the special day, so following our guidelines can help prevent your shipment from being delayed and even reduce the cost of shipping.

When sending gifts from the UK to the USA you should be aware that your shipment will be assessed by US customs. Here are a few important things you should be aware of:
1. Because your gift delivery will travel through customs it may be subject to US import duty and tax.
2. If the total value of your gifts is less than $100, then the goods are likely to be exempt from any duty or tax, so the receiver should not have to pay any charges.
3. When completing the description make sure to note it as an ‘Unsolicited gift'. However, you should also detail what the gift is; for example ‘unsolicited gift of books and clothing'.
4. It's also really important to note that if you send your gift shipment to a US company address, it's no longer considered a personal shipment and may be subject to duties and taxes, so it's best to always send your USA gifts directly to a residential address.

Luggage Shipping
Excess baggage shipping to the USA

Excess baggage can be very expensive to send with an airline. Our cheap USA delivery rates makes luggage shipping to the USA far more economical. We can ship any size of suitcase, and even larger packages such as bikes, golf bags and even sports equipment, like surf boards. And with baggage delivery prices to the USA starting at only £65.42 for a 20 kg suitcase, shipping personal effects to the USA just got a whole lot easier.

Important points to note: 1. The definition of personal effects are products that are used by one person, such as jewellery or clothing.
2. Products that are used by a household are considered as 'household effects' and have different duty exemption thresholds.
3. When sending personal effects to the US, you will need to complete a personal effects form.

Sending food to the USA from the UK

Food is a wonderful gift for anyone missing home and shipping food to the USA is not complicated, but there are a few things you need to be aware of. You can send food gifts to the US; however whenever sending food abroad, you do need to check out what you can and cannot send.

. Importing food products into the United States is governed by the FDA (US Food and Drug Administration) and there are some food products which are not allowed to be shipped. However you can send chocolates to the USA as well as other popular types of food gifts to America.

Here's what you need to know when posting food to the USA:

What you can send:

Non-perishable foods
a. Store bought foods with a best before date over 6 months away.
b. Items must be in the original manufacturers packaging and unopened.
c. The food label needs to list all the ingredients.
d. The best before date must be displayed on the packaging.
e. Examples of non-perishable foods:
Crisps and savoury foods, Chocolates and candy, Canned foods, Herbs and spices in sealed containers, Tea bags, Jams and other preserves

What you cannot send:

Perishable foods
a. Foods with a shelf life of less than 6 months.
b. Homemade foods or any foods not in the original manufacturers packaging.
c. Foods that can spoil during transit.
d. Food in packaging that have been opened.
e. Food that does not contain a food label listing the ingredients.

What you need to do when shipping food to the USA:

1. In the description note:
Unsolicited gift.
2. In the customs declaration note:
Non-perishable food for personal consumption,
not for resale

Learn more about sending food abroad

Reliable parcel delivery that's up to
60% cheaper than posting to the USA

Postal rates from the UK to the USA get significantly more expensive for packages exceeding 2kg in weight. ParcelHero® offers cheap parcel delivery rates, from the UK's best carriers, with savings of up to 60% against going direct. So with ParcelHero® you get the best of both worlds: fast, reliable, tracked and signed for courier services across America, that's cheaper than postage costs. It's really easy to compare our cheap parcel rates to the USA, simply get an instant online quote and select the service that best suits your budget and requirements. No matter which service you select, our cheap rates never mean a compromise on service or reliability.
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Parcel Insurance

Enhanced cover

ParcelHero® provides every shipment £50 of free cover as standard*. We also offer enhanced cover for shipments up to £20,000 during the booking process.

*excluding Hermes deliveries

Money Back Guarantee

Money Back Guarantee

Our money back-guarantee offers a full refund in the event we don't deliver on time due to a service failure. If you use one of our timed delivery services when sending parcels from the UK to the USA, your shipment is covered by our money back guarantee. For all other services we offer an option to upgrade, for a small fee.
Learn more about guaranteed delivery

Packaging your items safely
for International Shipping

When sending goods to the USA, your packages will be handled many times when they are loaded and off-loaded from vehicles and aircraft. They may have boxes placed on top of them and experience vibrations during transportation.

So when sending a parcel to America, it's really important that you ensure your items are packaged safely.

Here's a few useful tips when sending a package to the USA:

1. Use a strong rigid box with no creases.
2. Use a double lined box if the package exceeds 10 kg and a triple lined box
if it exceeds 30 kg.
3. Wrap each item separately
4. Fill each box fill of internal cushioning such as polystyrene packing chips
and ensure the items cannot move around inside the box.

Learn more about packaging your parcel

Large Parcel and Air Freight
Delivery to the US

ParcelHero® is a specialist in shipping large and bulky items, including air freight. Through our delivery partners, including
DHL and UPS, we're able to offer low cost express and economy delivery services for heavy items including pallets up to 1,000 kg in
weight as well as large, bulky items up to 270 cm in length.

When using our USA courier services to ship pallets or large packages, please note the following guidelines:

1. For packages exceeding 50kg, collections need to be booked 24 hours in advance.
2. If any of your packages exceeds 50 kg in weight, assistance will need to be provided
to the driver for loading the goods.
3. The courier cannot move the goods from inside your premises, the goods must
be outside or in a loading bay awaiting collection.
4. There are certain types of items that require specialist packaging before being
transported by courier, such as furniture.
5. If your parcels do not exceed 50 kg in weight, but you still require the vehicle to have
a tail-lift for collecting, please contact us in advance of collection.

Learn more about shipping large and heavy parcels


Can I send a letter to the USA using your service?
Yes we can ship small packages and letters. Letter postage and airmail postage to the USA does not require customs clearance or any customs documentation.
Does ParcelHero® offer a postage service to the USA?
No ParcelHero® offers a courier service. The difference between a postage service and a courier service is quite different. Postage services such as the Royal Mail forward your post onto USPS, the US postal operator. The delivery time for USA postage, is far longer than a courier delivery, the tracking is more limited and for items weighing more than 2 kg, our cheap parcel rates to the USA offer far better value than postal rates.
How come ParcelHero® can offer rates cheaper than postage rates to the USA?
USA postage rates become very expensive for heavier parcels. They are more suited to shipping envelopes, documents and small parcels. ParcelHero® offers cheap parcel delivery with savings of up to 60% against going direct. We offer cheap shipping to the USA, with fast, reliable delivery, it's a win win!
Do your shipping costs to the USA include all applicable surcharges?
Yes are parcel postage prices include all charges except import duty and tax which is applied to some shipments by US customs.
Will the receiver have to pay any additional charges when a send a parcel to the USA?
If your items are dutiable, then the receiver will have to pay any import duty or tax before the goods can be delivered. If you don't want the receiver to have to pay anything, we can provide a service where we reverse the charges to your account, however this is a chargeable service. For more information contact us.
What if I shipping personal effects to the US or sending a gift, will I still have to pay import duty?
If the goods you're sending are below a certain value then it's likely you will not incur any duty or tax charges. Read our sections on gifts and sending luggage above for more information.
Is ParcelHero® a freight forwarder?
ParcelHero® are an agent for the world's biggest carriers including DHL & UPS. We offer parcel rates to the USA at huge discounts to going direct, and our cheap USA delivery service can accommodate large air freight movements and pallets, at great rates.
Can individuals use ParcelHero, or do you own work with businesses?
ParcelHero® services can be used by anyway including individuals, small companies, eBay traders and businesses operating from home. However if you do ship regularly you can save up to 10% on our already low rates with our attractive membership scheme.
What types of products can I not ship to the USA?
There are certain products which are not safe for transportation by air, and others that are prohibited by US customs specifically. From flammable goods including perfumes and aftershaves, to pharmaceuticals and some types of food. For more information on prohibited items, ready these useful links:

Review our prohibited items list
US customs prohibited-and-restricted-items