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ParcelHero membership details

The ParcelHero membership opens up a whole world of benefits for you. It’s really simple - the more you use ParcelHero - the more benefits and discounts you can enjoy. Sending shipments regularly with ParcelHero will earn you points and progress you through the four membership tiers. Each tier offers you additional benefits and higher discounts.

By shipping regularly with ParcelHero, you can save up to 6 % on every shipment:

ParcelHero membership details

Here's how it works:

  • Your membership level starts on the day you send your first shipment. You then have 3 months to gain enough points to maintain that membership level or progress to the next level. So for example if you join ParcelHero on the 15th September, all you need to do is earn 1 point by 15th December in order to maintain your blue membership, or earn 10 points to be upgraded to a silver member.
  • If you don't earn enough points you will be downgraded to the previous membership level.
  • You can check how many points you have earned at any time simply by logging into ParcelHero.
  • In order to enjoy your membership discounts, all you need to do is log on to your ParcelHero account and your discount level will be automatically be applied to every shipment you send.

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