Important summary of our terms of service

Before shipping with ParcelHero it's really important that you understand the terms under which you're agreeing to abide by when accepting our Terms and Conditions. From the type of products you can and can't ship with us, to the level of compensation you will receive if your parcel is damaged or lost.

View the full version of our terms here

Limits of Liability

ParcelHero offers free and enhanced cover. As opposed to an insurance policy, enhanced liability extends our liability in the event of loss/damage.

Although our terms and conditions take precedence over any information presented here, this summarises the terms of our limits of liability and enhanced cover.

What minimum cover levels does ParcelHero offer?

ParcelHero offers the following levels of free loss/damage cover:

  • Super economy services – No free cover offered (You can purchase additional cover)
  • All other services – £50 free cover

What additional cover can you purchase over and above the minimum cover?

ParcelHero offers enhanced cover up to the following levels:

  • Super economy services – Up to £1,000 cover
  • All other services – Up to £20,000 cover

Please note we can offer cover for higher values, but you need to contact us in advance of shipping to we can review your shipment details and confirm your packaging complies with our packaging criteria.

Conditions of our free and enhanced cover

Even when you purchase additional cover from us. You will be unable to claim with us in the following circumstances:

  1. The product you’re shipping is a Prohibited item or an Compensation exclusion item*
  2. There is only damage to the exterior packaging (We do not cover damage to exterior packaging only internal contents)
  3. The items have not been safely packaged in accordance with our labelling and packaging criteria
  4. When sending watches & jewellery over the value of £500. (Our liability is limited to £500)

Compensation Exclusions

There are certain products which are unsuitable for transportation by courier. If you do ship these articles with us and they are damaged, you will not be entitled to compensation, unless you have obtained prior authorisation*. View exclusions list.

* Prior authorisation for excluded items

If you're sending an item on our excluded list, we can still offer cover for damage in some circumstances. Simply contact us in advance of shipping and provide images of the goods your shipping and the packaging being used so we can assess whether we’re able to provide cover.

Money Back Guarantee

Our services are not guaranteed, so if your delivery is late you are not entitled to compensation. However if you purchase our money back guarantee upgrade option, you are entitled to a full refund on your shipping costs if your shipment is not delivered within the delivery due date due to a service failure

Additional Charges

Sometimes additional charges may be due on your shipment, under the following circumstances:

  1. The carrier states the dimensions or weight provided are inaccurate.
  2. The shipment is undeliverable and has to be returned.
  3. Any import duty or tax is payable.

If additional payment is due, we will take it from your original payment method. We don’t store your physical payment details or any personal information, we only store a token obtained from our payment merchant.

You can only appeal a carrier weight adjustment if you can provide photographic evidence of the weight and dimensions of your parcel, so we recommend you take these in advance of shipping. Learn more about what additional charges can be applied to your shipment