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Parcelhero is fundraising!

Are you ready to join us in shaping the future of logistics?

Are you ready to join us in shaping the future of logistics?

With 17% revenue CAGR over 10 years and 21% CAGR from 2019-2022
Parcelhero is the UK’s fastest growing logistics comparison group.

Our Vision

To be THE leading
one-stop-shop shipping
solution in the world.

From consumers to businesses...
From documents to pallets...
From anywhere to everywhere...

We offer one-click shipping that is
simple, easy, and hassle-free.

In 2024 we are launching Parcelhero Pro, a new SaaS platform,
into the £14bn B2B UK logistics market.

Parcelhero Pro solves everything painful about logistics whilst saving
e-commerce businesses time, money and hassle.

To realise our vision and ensure a successful market debut of Parcelhero Pro,
we are inviting investment support from forward-thinking investors.

We’ve just opened an equity funding campaign on Floww.
Your backing will help us deliver on our vision to become the leading one-stop-
shop shipping solution in the world.

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