How to Package and Ship Posters

Whether you make fabulous Justin Bieber art, collect vintage tour posters or recreate cult movie posters, making sure that your posters reach their recipients unscathed is vital. We see a tremendous amount of poorly packaged goods that end up arriving damaged because silly mistakes were made during the packaging process. No matter if you are shipping to the United States or New Zealand, we want to ensure that your precious poster arrives in one piece, follow this guide to ensure that your poster is delivered in perfect condition.

How to Package Your Poster

When you decide it is time to mail your poster, be sure to have the following shipping supplies handy:

  • Scissors
  • Bubble Wrap
  • Tape
  • P. Chips
  • New Box

The first step in packaging your poster correctly is to have the correct materials to hand. You will need a sturdy cardboard shipping tube. It is important that you do not have a cardboard mailing tube that will bend under pressure. Investing in the sturdiest tube you can is the most crucial decision you can make prior to shipping. We suggest that you use a mailing tube that comes with plastic stoppers that close each end of the tube.

Lay a large sheet of craft paper (use a slightly larger sheet of paper than the poster itself) and place the poster(s) on top of the paper.

Roll the poster and craft paper up slowly and neatly until you have a tight tube. At this point many people like to tie a rubber band around the poster, do not do this. A rubber band has the potential to damage the poster by bending and breaking it.

Grab your cardboard shipping tube and fasten one side shut using shipping tape. This prevents the poster from spilling out, turn the tube vertically so it rests on the closed side. Now place a small handful of packaging peanuts and place them at the bottom of the now vertical mailing tube. This will help protect the edges of your rolled poster from getting bent, it will also help prevent your poster getting damaged from movement within the mailing tube.

Place your poster inside the tube and allow it to unravel as it enters. With no elastic band, the poster will naturally expand to fit comfortably inside the tube which will help prevent any potentially damaging movement during transport.

Close the open side of the tube with the other plastic stopper and fasten it well with tape.

Once your poster has been well packaged, it is time to book your delivery and print your shipping labels. Log onto your ParcelHero account, if you don’t have one then create one before you begin.

How to Book a Delivery for Your Posterter

Measure and weigh your shipping tube, enter the details on our site along with the destination and collection address.

You will then be given the selection of shipping options that we have available. Choose the option that works best with you and your recipient; bear in mind that drop off services are often the most flexible options.

Next, decide what insurance coverage you would like for your parcel. ParcelHero offer you £50 free cover on every order (except Hermes shipments), you can increase that amount depending on the value of the contents of your parcel.

After confirming your details and paying, you will be given your shipping labels. It is now time to print these labels off and attach them to your package.

Always be sure to place your labels lengthways on your shipping tube, ensuring that the barcode is placed along the tube and not around it. This makes sure that the various barcode scanners that your parcel will encounter along its delivery route will be able to correctly scan your parcel.