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Shipping within Europe

Whether you are shipping from London to Paris or Manchester to Hamburg, ParcelHero’s simple booking system makes sending parcels to Europe easy. No queuing, no secret fees and a driver can even collect from your house. With £50 free enhanced cover and live door-to-door tracking included on every shipment what more could you want from your parcel delivery?

Shipping within the EU

Every member state of the European Union is also a member of the Customs Union, this means that there are no customs duties to pay when goods are sent from one EU nation to another. As the Customs Union receives over 16% of the world’s imports, this measure saves many people around the EU money.

Another benefit of shipping within the EU is that you do not have to attach customs paperwork to your parcel before shipping. This takes out much of the hassle of international shipping.

While it is important to know if your parcel’s destination country is in the EU, when you book with ParcelHero, you will not be caught out. If the European country you are sending to is not in the EU, we will automatically generate all the shipping paperwork you need once you have completed your order.

What options do I have for shipping to Europe?

At ParcelHero, we offer you many different delivery options so that your parcel delivery is tailored to suit your schedule. The options you will have to choose from include the following services, please note that these choices may not be available for every destination:

  • Express delivery – Your parcel will be delivered as quickly as possible - often by the next working day
  • Economy delivery – your parcel will be delivered in 2-4 working days
  • Drop off – you can drop your parcel off at a specified location whenever suits you. You do not have to wait for a driver to pick your parcel up from your location.
  • Door to door – Your parcel will be collected by a driver from your selected carrier
  • Timed delivery - Your order is guaranteed to arrive a t a specified time or you get your money back
  • Printer not needed - your driver will bring shipping labels with them, you do not need to print them out yourself

How long will my parcel take to be delivered?

As Europe is a large and diverse part of the world, parcel transit times differ from city to city, town to town and village to village. As with every other part of our service, we are fully transparent about delivery times. Whenever you browse the services we offer delivery times are clearly displayed along with the price you will pay.

What can I ship in Europe?

The EU prohibits certain items from being shipped around Europe, these goods include counterfeit goods, dangerous chemicals and live animals. To learn more about what you can and cannot send, visit the official EU customs site. Before you complete a booking through ParcelHero, read through our list of prohibited items.

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